Kafka Magic Professional Edition

Kafka Magic Professional Edition
Kafka Magic Professional Edition

Kafka Magic is a GUI tool for working with topics and messages in Apache Kafka® clusters. It facilitates topic management, QA and Integration Testing via convenient user interface and automation script editor.

Search, View, Filter Messages using jаvascript queries
Browse Kafka clusters, topics, and partitions.
Search for messages using jаvascript query with any combination of message fields, headers, keys.
Filter messages by partition, offset, and timestamp.
View string, JSON, or Avro serialized messages.

Publish Messages
Publish JSON or Avro messages to a topic
Publish messages with the Context: Key, Headers, Partition Id
Publish multiple messages as an array in a single step

Manage Topics and Avro Schemas
Read cluster and topic metadata
Create, clone, and delete topics
Read and register Avro schemas

Automate Complex Tasks
Use jаvascript (ECMAScript 5.1) to write automation scripts of any complexity
Compose scripts out of simple commands, supported by IntelliSense and autocomplete helpers
Execute long-running integration tests directly from the UI
Maintain full control over test execution

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