Material-UI Professional Template - Carolina Pro

Material-UI Professional Template - Carolina Pro
Material-UI Professional Template - Carolina Pro

This admin dashboard template is built using Google’s Material Design style specifications which provide a solid foundation for building highly interactive web experiences across all mediums offering users a unified experience.

We have developed a product that features a clean design with nice aesthetics that will boost your project’s user experience.

This is our first release included in our Carolina Design System, which will contain only products based on Google’s Material Design language.

React Material-UI 🎈
In terms of frontend frameworks, this React admin dashboard is powered by Material-UI, which is the most popular material-based UI components framework available today.

Beside Material-UI, we also integrated, with the same design style, over 80 React widgets and plugins. You can view a full list of what’s included in the “Included Widgets” tab.

We also included some nifty SCSS stylesheets which are automatically compiled into CSS helper classes that you can use to style various parts of your applications.

This React template is bootstrapped with Create React App, with React and React Router.

We keep all project dependencies up to date using our own in-house update system that allows us to push updates quickly and easily.

Support highlights
If you’re having trouble installing or customizing this admin template you can open a support ticket or send us an email. Before doing that, make sure you check the extensive documentation we've set up for this template.

106 example pages
Carolina React Admin Dashboard PRO includes 106 React example pages covering all use cases for developing user interfaces for apps & presentation websites.

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