CoffeeCup Responsive Site Designer 4.0 Build 3113 Retail

CoffeeCup Responsive Site Designer 4.0 Build 3113 Retail
CoffeeCup Responsive Site Designer 4.0 Build 3113 Retail

CSS Frameworks help millions of designers and developers craft sites quickly. The top tools in the industry include Bootstrap 3 and 4, Foundation 6 and Materialize. These systems are highly tested and offer many advantages for designers.

They use well organized HTML, CSS and jаvascript that are frequently maintained and updated and is lightweight. Plus, they allow for creating cool interactive components such as dropups, navigation menus, galleries and more without wrestling with extra scripts — sweet!

· Custom Breakpoints ·
Why should your design capabilities stop at 1024px? Enjoy the freedom of custom breakpoints at any pixel width. Design and develop for ginormous or little itty bitty screens. Use them where you see fit to create the best responsive experience.

A Fresh User Interface
Based on community feedback, we got moving on addressing visibility concerns and updated the UI. The stunning makeover it received makes it clearer and easier to navigate, helping you craft your pages faster than ever before.

CSS Filters & Blend Modes
Change colors on the fly, tweak settings for smaller displays, and make them respond to user with interactive effects and transitions. These techniques will take your site to another level!

A code-free design workflow
Select, click, point, pick and scroll to create websites and pages that are out of this world. Using code-free CSS controls, you can focus on design, while we take care of the code. You’re free to explore fresh looks and try out unique layouts.

Better than legos
Forget repetitive design work and speed up production time using the Component Library. Save and reuse items in other projects.
The CSS frameworks offer an elegant way to build navigation menus, accordions, cool tab panels, modal dialogs, and much, much more. Build it once, use it anytime!

Semantic and clean code
Building in a live browser environment allows your creativity to flourish as you won’t be bogged down with code syntax. The clean and semantic code will be generated for you. The CSS3 is written directly to a real stylesheet, resulting in bloat-free, easy to interpret rules.
The available HTML elements are standards based. Tags can be switched with two simple clicks to use semantic HTML5 elements like
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