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Sencha Ext JS provides everything a developer needs to build data-intensive, cross-platform web applications. Ext JS leverages HTML5 features on modern browsers. Ext JS features 115+ high-performance, pre-tested and integrated UI components including calendar, grids, charts and more. The Ext JS Grid and Advanced Charting package can handle millions of records with ease. The framework includes a robust data package that can consume data from any back-end data source. With Sencha Pivot Grid and D3 adapter, organizations can add leading-edge visualization and analytics capabilities to their web applications. See a comparison with other frameworks.

The rich set of Ext JS tools and themes help improve development productivity and accelerate the delivery of great looking web applications. Tools are available to help with application design, development, theming, and debugging as well as build optimization and deployment.

Sencha Test is a complementary product and is the most comprehensive unit and end-to-end testing solution for Ext JS Apps. Learn more about Sencha Test.

Pre-Integrated and Tested UI Components
Ext JS Pre-Integrated and Tested UI Components

Ext JS includes the industry’s most comprehensive collection of pre-integrated and tested high-performance UI components. These components include HTML5 calendar, grids, pivot grid, D3 adapter, trees, lists, forms, menus, toolbars, panels, windows, and much more. Hundreds of user extensions are also available from the Sencha community.

The Sencha Grid enables organizations to handle millions of records and provides out-of-the-box functionality such as sorting, grouping, column locking, and summary rows.

The Ext JS Calendar component helps you easily view/manage schedules and events within your Ext JS apps. By leveraging this component, you can easily add a fully-functional calendar to your apps without investing a lot of time and effort in building one.

Rich Data Analytics
Ext JS enables organizations to add powerful analytics capabilities to their web applications with Sencha Pivot Grid. It allows users to summarize, aggregate and analyze multidimensional data to make more informed decisions.

The Sencha Grid enables organizations to handle millions of records and provides out- of- the- box functionality such as sorting, grouping, column locking, and summary rows.

The Exporter plugin enables you to export your Ext JS Grid and Pivot Grid data in a variety of different formats. It supports the standard XLSX, XML, CSV, TSV, and HTML formats, and allows you to configure the visible (displayed) or invisible (hidden) portions of your data exports. The Exporter plugin also supports basic styling of the exported documents.

Sophisticated Data Visualization
The D3 Adapter enables you to add sophisticated Data-Driven Documents package (D3) visualizations such as heatmaps, treemaps, sunbursts, and more to your web applications. Now you can create dynamic visualizations that not only tell a specific story, but also help your users to explore their data and understand what stories it has to tell.

The Ext JS Charting package allows you to visually represent data with a broad range of dynamic and static charts — including line, bar, and pie charts. The charts use surfaces and sprites developed with a drawing package implemented using SVG, VML, and Canvas technologies. Browser variations are handled automatically, so the charts always display correctly. Ext JS Charts also support touch gestures on mobile devices, thereby providing enhanced interactive features to the charts such as pan, zoom, and pinch.

Back-end Agnostic Data Package
The robust data package included in Ext JS decouples the UI components from the data layer. The data package allows client-side collections of data using highly functional models that offer features such as sorting and filtering. The data package is protocol agnostic, and can consume data from any back-end source. It comes with session management capabilities that allow several client-side operations, minimizing round-trips to the server.

Layout Manager and Responsive Configs
Ext JS includes a flexible layout manager to help organize the display of data and content across multiple browsers, devices, and screen sizes. It helps you to control the display of components, even for the most complex user interfaces. Ext JS also provides a responsive config system that allows application components to adapt to specific device orientation (landscape or portrait) or available browser window size.

Accessibility Package (ARIA) for Section 508 compliance
The Ext JS ARIA Package makes it possible to add accessibility support to your applications by providing tools that you need to achieve Section 508 Compliance. Using the ARIA package, you can create apps that can be used by people who need assistive technologies such as screen readers to navigate the web.

Customizable Built-In Themes
Ext JS components are available in multiple built-in themes including Material, Triton, Classic, Neptune, and Crisp. The themes are customizable to reflect a specific brand identity. Sencha Cmd exposes hundreds of variables used by Ext JS themes, which can be altered to design custom themes.

Sencha Tools
Sencha Cmd is the cornerstone for building your Ext JS applications. Cmd provides a full set of lifecycle management features including scaffolding, code minification, transpilation from ES6, dynamic package loading, build generation for progressive web apps, and more, to complement your Sencha projects.

IDE and Code Editor Plugins
IDE and Code Editor Plugins integrate Sencha frameworks into your enterprise workflow. The plugins enable code completion, code inspection, refactoring, template generation, code navigation, and code generation among other features. IDE plugins work with the Sencha frameworks classes and even your own custom classes and overrides.

Architect empowers your team to build Ext JS applications using drag-and-drop features, so you spend less time on manual coding. Architect automatically generates application code that is is optimized for high performance, and eliminates the human error that often occurs with manual coding.

Themer enables you to quickly and easily design customized application themes using graphical tools – without writing code. Themer gives you access to all Ext JS components and inspection tools to set fine-grained styles and generate theme packages with dynamic stylesheets.

Inspector is a debugging tool that provides direct access to components, classes, objects, and more for apps built using Sencha frameworks. It lets you analyze your application code for issues including overnesting of components, number of layout runs, and more to help improve your application performance.

Stencils is a complete UI asset kit for Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq and is also available as SVG/PNG for use with other programs. Stencils contains all of the components and styles used in the Ext JS Classic and Modern toolkits as well as ExtReact components.

Release Notes for Ext JS 6.5.3

Version Number:

New Features
Examples (1)
EXTJS-21885 Request colorpicker fields not be readonly
List (1)
EXTJS-26553 NestedList Issues

Bugs Fixed
Calendar (1)
EXTJS-26610 Calendar event is not drawn when the event is less than 24 hours
Charts (4)
EXTJS-26751 Case error in trackMouse config in chart series
EXTJS-26423 The overlay selection rect of the CrossZoom interaction doesn't render on top of the series but behind them.
EXTJS-26102 Tooltip is not visible in the middle of bar chart
EXTJS-26415 Adding records to Pie store does not call performLayout ('dom' legend doesn't schedule chart layout when the legend size changes)
Core (1)
EXTJS-26201 Apps, Examples not loading on Android 8 - Oreo GA
Documentation (2)
EXTJS-25401 Application - getRouter method is not documented
EXTJS-26437 Ext.field.Field.validator has incorrect reference to
Examples (1)
EXTJS-26747 Ambiguous panel content in Responsive app example
Forms (6)
EXTJS-25839 Ext.field.File#reset does not reset result of getFiles method
EXTJS-26476 Datefield closing by choosing a year (on tablets)
EXTJS-26343 Tagfield with mutliselect false does not clear emptyText
EXTJS-26154 Calling setValue consecutively clears combo lastSelectedRecords and breaks forceSelection
EXTJS-26768 Running Msg/Prompt window twice causes issue
EXTJS-26177 Select already selected item in selectfield make it unselected
Grid (12)
EXTJS-26623 grid with locked column scrolls to top on refresh with preserveScrollOnRefresh: true
EXTJS-26268 Grid no longer scrollable when a menu item
EXTJS-26678 classic nightly regression - Too Many Row Widgets
EXTJS-26331 Grid set as Viewport ignores preserveScrollOnReload:false
EXTJS-26563 Modern list multi-selection produces inconsistent behavior
EXTJS-24892 rowexpander with grid adding extra record
EXTJS-24893 Rowexpander immediately collapses second level expander
EXTJS-20980 Classic grouped grid scrolls back to focused cell when user expands row
EXTJS-19955 Visual sort state is not applied when store is sorted via API
EXTJS-23479 Grid reconfigure does not update column alignment
EXTJS-26172 Scrolling upwards quickly when there are many expanded rows throws error
EXTJS-19300 Store state is not applied when store binding is used
List (1)
EXTJS-25502 More Undo buttons can be shown in list with listswiper plugin
Misc (6)
EXTJS-25536 Grid is grouped but no group headers or other visual indications are visible
EXTJS-25779 [Multisort DateView] items stay selected when sort
EXTJS-25838 Change rating affects item below when it is grouped by rating
EXTJS-26409 Ext.util.TSV#decode does not handle quotes correctly
EXTJS-26190 Specifying ui config as array results in an error
EXTJS-25950 Document requires of Summary plugin types
Panel (3)
EXTJS-26457 Collapsible panel throws exception on expand
EXTJS-26605 MODERN: Floated panel with alwaysOnTop: true throws error
EXTJS-26578 Ext.panel.Table buildColumHash should not initially assign value to var len
PivotGrid (1)
EXTJS-26373 PG configurator does not appear when clicking fields
Scroller (2)
EXTJS-26614 grid viewoptions scrollbar jumps to the top when scrolling
EXTJS-25632 SetScroller animation can prevent/close combo picker
Tree (2)
EXTJS-26515 Tree panel scroll on refresh when a row is focused
EXTJS-26452 treepanel scrolls to top when using replaceChild

Known Issues
Tabs (1)
EXTJS-13538 Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu has not been updated to work in Ext JS 5 and 6

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