Northwoods GoDiagram for WinForms v6.1 for Visual Studio 2019 and earlier

Northwoods GoDiagram for WinForms v6.1 for Visual Studio 2019 and earlier
Northwoods GoDiagram for WinForms v6.1 for Visual Studio 2019 and earlier

GoDiagram makes it easy to build applications where users can see and manipulate graphs of nodes connected by links. From simple diagrams to interactive workflows and complex system monitors, GoDiagram helps you quickly create rich displays for your diagramming needs.

Built-in and Customizable
GoDiagram contains several built-in node types and full sample applications to get your project started quickly. GoDiagram is built from the ground up in C# and is designed to be extensible for your custom needs.

Learn by example with our powerful samples. GoDiagram samples include many common diagrams that function as proofs-of-concept and starting points for your project.

Thorough Documentation
From user guides to a comprehensive API, our developer-written documentation for will improve your team's productivity.

Instruments with GoDiagram
GoDiagram comes with an Instrument library to help display numeric values in a graphical way as a part of your GoDiagram applications. GoDiagram comes with an InstrumentDemo to get you started quickly with Instruments.

The Instruments library for GoDiagram is a set of classes built to display numeric values in a graphical manner as part of GoDiagram applications. The classes implement scale objects that display a scale with regular markings and labels and they implement indicator objects that indicate a value on a scale.

The objects can be customized and combined to present many different kinds of appearances. In the real world, depending on the industry, such things are called meters, dials, rulers or gauges. Because there is so much customization that can be done, GoInstruments does not provide any prebuilt instruments. The InstrumentDemo sample application, however, does define many such objects for various purposes and with various appearances and behaviors.

The code includes an InstrumentDemo sample application (shown above). The InstrumentDemo application also makes all of the object properties visible by means of a PropertyGrid control.

One of the advantages of Instruments is that it is part of a larger environment that supports graphics other than the instruments themselves, making it possible to add the instruments to a more complicated diagram.

An excellent component choice for building SCADA and industrial monitoring applications, featuring double buffered output to eliminate filcker.

Diagram Components for .NET Framework and .NET Core 3.1
VS PartnerGoDiagram provides diagramming components for .NET WinForms, and has been designed to take advantage of the many new features that Microsoft .NET provides. As a member of the Visual Studio Partner (VSP) Program, we work closely with Microsoft to ensure that our .NET products integrate seamlessly into Visual Studio.

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