MFractor v4.3.0 Professional License

MFractor v4.3.0 Professional License
MFractor v4.3.0 Professional License

MFractor is a powerful productivity tool for Xamarin developers.

Advanced XAML Tooling
Ship more, faster with our hand-tuned XAML editor for Xamarin.Forms.

MFractor spots 70+ XAML issues, shows detailed tooltips to give you insight into your XAML and includes dozens of IntelliSense completions to make writing XAML effortless.

Simplified Asset Management
Save dozens of hours per project with our simplified asset management tools.

Import new image assets into Android and iOS apps in seconds, visually explore images and minimise the final size of your app with image deletion and optimisation tools.

Need to add a new font? The font importer can do this in seconds... Easy peasy!

MVVM Made Easy
MFractor makes it simple to use MVVM and apply best-practices so you always ship high-quality, maintainable code.

Our intelligent, automatic ViewModel detection streamlines your XAML and ViewModel creation experience. And with data-binding IntelliSense and analysis, you'll never misspell a data-binding again!

You can even generate all the code needed for a new view and view model with the MVVM Wizard!

XAML IntelliSense
Supercharge your Xamarin.Forms development using our XAML editor. With a few keystrokes you can import controls, generate data-bindings, visually pick images and much more.

150+ Inspections & Code Actions
Find code issues instantly and fix them with a few clicks.

Mobile Specific Tools
Create new image assets in seconds with the image importer, localise your code-base with the localisation wizard and quickly navigate with dozens of mobile-specific navigation shortcuts.

Fully Customisable
Every team has their own style of working and we get that; easily customise anything in MFractor to suit your teams needs.

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