LINQPad 6.9.15 x64 + LINQPad 5.43.00 (Any CPU) Premium

LINQPad 6.9.15 x64 + LINQPad 5.43.00 (Any CPU) Premium
LINQPad 6.9.15 x64 + LINQPad 5.43.00 (Any CPU) Premium

LINQPad is not just for LINQ queries, but any C#/F#/VB expression, statement block or program. Put an end to those hundreds of Visual Studio Console projects cluttering your source folder and join the revolution of LINQPad scripters and incremental developers. Reference your own assemblies and NuGet packages. Prototype your ideas in LINQPad and then paste working code into Visual Studio. Or call your scripts directly from the command-line. Experience LINQPads rich output formatting, optional debugger and autocompletion, and the magic of dynamic development and instant feedback!

The .NET Programmers Playground
Instantly test any C#/F#/VB snippet or program
Query databases in LINQ (or SQL) SQL/CE/Azure, Oracle, SQLite & MySQL
Enjoy rich output formatting, optional autocompletion and integrated debugging
Script and automate in your favorite .NET language
Super lightweight single 15MB executable!
Standard edition free, with no expiry

LINQPad: The Ultimate .NET Scratchpad
LINQPad can run not only LINQ queries, but any C#/F#/VB expression, statement or program.
For instance, have you ever needed to test a DateTime format string? In LINQPad, just enter the expression and hit F5:

With LINQPad's instant edit/run cycle and optional full autocompletion, you'll have code snippets fully tweaked in less time than it takes to bring up Visual Studio's Add Reference dialog!

What about testing a regular expression? You'll start using Regex a lot more once you have LINQPad:

Notice how LINQPad nicely formats the Match object. Complex object graphs are much more readable in LINQPad's output window.

To run a series of statements, just change the "Language" combo to Statements (or hit Ctrl+2):

Again, you can keep tweaking your code until it does what you want, then paste working code into Visual Studio.

You can even run a full program with additional methods: just change the Language to Program, and LINQPad will wrap your code in a Main method so you can write additional methods and classes.

Need to reference custom assemblies or NuGet references? No problem: just hit F4 for the Add Reference dialog.

Additional benefits:

LINQPad reports the execution time in the status bar, so you won't have to manually create a Stopwatch class for performance testing.
Want to test a variation of your snippet? Ctrl+Shift+C instantly clones your snippet so you can run another version side-by-side.
You can return to saved queries in single click, thanks to the My Queries treeview. Use LINQPad as a scripting tool!
You can call Dump on any WPF or Windows Forms control and LINQPad will render it. This is a great way to write custom visualizers.
In the My Queries treeview, you'll see a query called My Extensions. Here's where you can write methods and classes that will be available to all queries.

LINQPad 6 - Latest Beta

New features:

You can now add '#LINQPad admin' to the top of your scripts to run code with administrative elevation
LINQPad 6 is now compatible with Serilog and Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyModel
LINQPad 6 now uses the FSharp.Compiler.Service V32
The debugger now supports rectangular arrays
You can now download unlisted NuGet packages, by using 'ID=' to search by ID
The EF Core driver now allows the querying (but not updating) of tables with computed primary key columns
Bug fixes:

SQL Aliases are now supported, as in LINQPad 5
The MySQL driver now correctly maps tinyint(1) to bool, and the SQLite driver is more robust in processing relationships
Assembly references now have their relative paths correctly encoded
A bug in the LINQ-to-SQL driver that could result in duplicate property names has been fixed
Auto-format and same-symbol lookup is now more robust
EF Core connections that rely on an appsettings.json file now work correctly
LPRun error reporting has been improved, and it now works with the PowerAssert library
The NuGet package manager now correctly passes credentials to ProGet servers
A bug preventing the downloading of sample query libraries has been fixed
The editor is now better at handling surrogate-pair Unicode characters
You can now execute SQL queries over SQL CE connections
Util.HorizontalRun now properly resets the layout for subsequent content

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