PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio 2017-2019 v5.5.1

PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio 2017-2019 v5.5.1
PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio 2017-2019 v5.5.1

Take your PowerShell skills to the next level with PowerShell Pro Tools. PowerShell Pro Tools adds PowerShell 6 and 7 support to PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio.

Script Analysis
PowerShell Pro Tools automatically runs static code analysis across your entire code-base. Easily customize the rules that you are notified of.

Use it everywhere
Integrates into Visual Studio 2017 and 2019, Visual Studio Code and PowerShell to provide features for where ever you do your work.

Packaged Scripts
Simplify deployment scenarios by providing a single, bundled file that users won’t be able to edit and works as any other application.

User Interfaces
Provide WinForm and WPF user interfaces over your scripts that make it easier to user without the fear of executing something from the command line.

Code Conversion
Quickly convert code snippets into PowerShell from C#.

Profile Performance
Evaluate the performance of your PowerShell scripts and identify slow cmdlet calls, loops or functions.

Script Analysis
PowerShell Pro Tools integrates with PSScriptAnalyzer to provide notification of potential issues with the ability to quickly fix them. Take advantage of solution wide analysis to locate issues within your entire code-base.

User Interface Design
Take advantage of the Visual Studio Windows Forms and WPF designers to develop PowerShell scripts. Quickly drag and drop controls to create new forms without having to write code. Use the standalone Ironman Software Form designer in Visual Studio Code.

Package Scripts
Package scripts as executables. Bundle in modules, assemblies and XAML files. Include the PowerShell 6 or 7 runtime directly in your executable so there is no need to install .NET Core or PowerShell on target machines.

Convert Code
Convert between C# and PowerShell code to easily take snippets of either language and convert it to the other. Quickly create P\Invoke functions in PowerShell from C# snippets found on sites like Pinvoke.net.

PowerShell Pro Tools uses PSScriptAnalyzer to run static code analysis of PowerShell scripts in Visual Studio. You can enable analysis by click Tools->Options and navigating to PowerShell Tools.

On the options page, you can turn on and off script analyzer completely, manage solution wide analysis, disable specific severities or even specific rules.

When Script Analyzer is enabled, squiggly lines will be present within source files to provide information on potential issues with the ability to provide quick fixes for those issues.

If you have solution wide analysis enabled, you will be able to see errors within your entire solution within the Error List window.

Quick Fix
PowerShell Pro Tools supports quick fix actions provided by PSScriptAnalyzer. If the suggestion has a Suggested Correction, PowerShell Pro Tools will provide a Quick Action light bulb next to the line that needs to be addressed.

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