FlexCell Grid Control for .NET (Visual Studio 2010 - 2019)

FlexCell Grid Control for .NET (Visual Studio 2010 - 2019)
FlexCell Grid Control for .NET (Visual Studio 2010 - 2019)

FlexCell is a flexible and easy-to-use grid control, it provides comprehensive functions, such as export to Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF and XML, import from XML, print, sort, barcode, chart, ownerdraw, virtual grid, etc. FlexCell grid control contains a grid designer that allows you to design report templates and user interfaces with very little code.

Main Features
Comprehensive Functions
FlexCell provides comprehensive functions, such as export to CSV, HTML, PDF, XML and Excel (no need of Excel runtime support), import from XML, print, preview, sort, barcode, chart, tree grid, ownerdraw, virtual grid, etc.
Masked Editing
Input masks can be specified to automatically control and validate text input, minimize data entry errors. FlexCell supports following input masks: Letter, Upper, Lower, Digital and Numeric.
Cell Types
FlexCell supports following cell types: TextBox, ComboBox, CheckBox, BarCode, Button, HyperLink, Date, Time and DateTime.
FlexCell supports following chart types: ColumnClustered, Line, Pie, 3DColumnClustered, 3DLine and 3DPie.
FlexCell supports following barcode types: Code39, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, EAN128, EAN13 and Interleaved2of5.
Excel-like Cell Merging
Merge continuous cells, making them span multiple rows or columns freely.
Bound or Unbound Mode (.NET edition)
Use the grid in bound mode, where it displays data from an ADO.Net data source, or in unbound mode, where the grid itself manages the data.
Virtual Grid
You can create a virtual grid, bind the grid to existing data structures, use calculated "virtual" fields, perform data validation, or load data on demand.
Integrated Printing
You can print the grid with a single statement. You have complete control over paper size, orientation, margins, page breaks, header text, and footer text.
Well-designed Object Model
FlexCell provides 11 classes: Cell, Chart, Column, ComboBox, Images, PageBreak, PageSetup, Range, ReportTitle, Row and Selection. The Excel-like object model make the process more efficient!
Clipboard Support
The grid content can be copied, cut and pasted freely, and the text can be copied and pasted mutually between FlexCell and other software such as Excel, Notepad, etc.
Designer Support
The FlexCell Designer is a standalone tool you can use to configure a grid template and save it to FLX or XML file. Then at run time, load the template into the grid using the OpenFile or LoadFromXML method. This provides a nice way to set up a grid without writing a lot of code.
Comprehensive Documentation
FlexCell includes a complete set of VB6, VB.NET, C#.NET sample code and help file, helping you to learn the usage of this control quickly.

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