Microncode CSFFmpeg .Net SDK v1.0.3.0

Microncode CSFFmpeg .Net SDK v1.0.3.0
Microncode CSFFmpeg .Net SDK v1.0.3.0

Pure FFmpeg Wrapper for C# and VB .NET Framework (WinForm and WPF) and .NET Core. The CSFFmpeg is a .NET standard library for .NET developers that allows you to run and to use the FFmpeg from the C# and VB .NET easily.

You can send the FFmpeg commands in async and sync mode, get the information about the source files, get the progress of the converting process; and much more, easily, with a few source code lines only.

.NET library (standard) for .NET Framework and .NET Core.
Pure FFmpeg wrapper.
Run FFmpeg commands from your App.
Run Async / Sync commands.
Get full information about the source file.
Set and get the arguments.
The latest FFmpeg libraries.
Start / Stop / Pause / Resume the FFmpeg commands.
Get the progress of the operation.
Get the status of the command.
Get / Set the ID3 tags.
For WPF / Winform / Console Apps.
Many relevant events.
Built in threads handling.
Safe exit.
Can be run as a library.
Easy to use.
For C# / VB / ASP .NET.
C# / VB .NET well documented examples.
Cut your developing time up to 80%.
Just import the library to your program and start to work immediately.
The source code of this component is also available.
Can be use in a FREE and commercial products.

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