Visual ReCode v1.0.0.1055 OEM License

Visual ReCode v1.0.0.1055 OEM License
Visual ReCode v1.0.0.1055 OEM License

.NET is evolving faster than ever - Visual ReCode brings your WCF applications along for the journey. Upgrade your .NET Framework Applications to .NET Core without rewriting.

As If You Built It Today
Visual ReCode doesn't rely on compatibility layers or ports of legacy .NET Framework features; it rewrites your application to a brand new .NET Core solution, with all the performance and cross-platform flexibility that comes with the new frameworks.

Once you've ReCoded your application you don't need Visual ReCode around to compile it, modify it, or deploy - because everything's using the native .NET Core implementations just like a clean sheet implementation.

That means no third-party runtime dependencies and no on-going support costs. Your new applications are all yours.

Take advantage of the latest capabilities of .NET Core today. Visual ReCode is an extension to Visual Studio 2019 that works with you to migrate your source code to brand new ASP.NET Core solutions quickly and easily. It includes documentation, sample code and our fanatical technical support.

WCF Isn’t Coming to .NET Core But your Application Can!
Visual ReCode will take all the important business logic from your WCF services and migrate it to a brand-new .NET Core gRPC solution quickly and easily.

ReCode can migrate most types of WCF application, from basic SOAP-over-HTTP to advanced Duplex services with two-way communication between client and server. Everything is migrated to standard gRPC services, using the Microsoft-supported grpc-dotnet framework for ASP.NET Core 3.1.

Once you’ve ReCoded your application you don’t need Visual ReCode around to compile it, modify it, or deploy - because everything’s using the native .NET Core implementations, just like a clean sheet implementation. It doesn’t add any runtime components, compatibility “shims” or proprietary packages: all the code is right there in the solution for you to start working with.

ReCode from WCF to gRPC
The best alternative (as recommended by Microsoft) for organizations looking for a migration path away from WCF on .NET Framework is gRPC: a low-overhead, high-performance, cross-platform RPC framework. The ASP.NET Core team has built first-class support for gRPC into ASP.NET Core 3.1.

Visual ReCode will
upgrade and rewrite your existing WCF application code to .NET Core gRPC automatically
create new ASP.NET Core 3.1 gRPC Service projects that match your existing project
generate gRPC .proto interface definition files from WCF ServiceContract and DataContract types
convert ServiceContract implementations to gRPC service implementations
Of course, there’s more to your application than just its service contracts - so ReCode will find and copy dependencies from your WCF project(s) to a new .NET Core native project structure for you.

Other features

Migrate WCF to ASP.NET Core MVC
Migrate your WCF applications to ASP.NET Core Web API.

Modernize your .NET code
Upgrade your source code to take advantage of the latest C# language features and design patterns in .NET Core.

Upgrade ASP.NET Web API to ASP.NET Core MVC
Quickly and easily upgrade your ASP.NET WebAPI applications to ASP.NET Core MVC.

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