Telerik Progress Kendo UI for jQuery R1 2020 (2020.1.114) Retail

Telerik Progress Kendo UI for jQuery R1 2020 (2020.1.114) Retail
Telerik Progress Kendo UI for jQuery R1 2020 (2020.1.114) Retail

A complete jQuery UI component library that allows to quickly build stunning and high-performance responsive web applications. Looking for a set of UI components to enhance your jQuery application? Take a look at our jQuery demos and documentation by using the links below and sign up for a trial to get access to our support ticketing system!

Robust UI & Data Visualization Library Built for jQuery
The Kendo UI jQuery components have served developers for almost a decade, making Kendo UI one of the most robust and comprehensive jQuery component sets on the market. Taking the fundamentals of jQuery in mind we have created an extensive set of UI elements and data visualization components that are natural and easy for jQuery developers to pick up

Framework Helpers and Data Models
Concepts like client-side data models, templating, and automatic data requests are generally features that require supplemental libraries but with Kendo UI they are all included out of the box. Thanks to framework items like our DataSource, which provides a way to do full CRUD operations with simple configuration options across any data-bound component, everything that a jQuery developer would need for their applications comes built-in.

Modern Design & Themes
Kendo UI ensures that any developer can make their applications follow the latest and greatest standards when it comes to design. With implementations of Material Design, Bootstrap, and other modern designs, a stunning UI can be achieved by simply including a CSS file. Making the themes your own is a breeze with the ThemeBuilder tool which provides a way to update an entire theme to fit any corporate look-and-feel with a few clicks. Of course, for the developer or designer that wants to get their hands dirty themes can be modified with some customizations through Sass or CSS.

Legendary Support
Beyond the UI components Kendo UI ensures that all developers are well taken care of through its legendary support. Along with a set of UI components Kendo UI developers have a dedicated support ticketing system to assist developers throughout their application development efforts. On top of this support we also add in learning resources like a virtual classroom and professional services to ensure that no matter what the request might be, we have help readily available.

70+ UI Components
Get any UI component you would ever need for your app - from the must-haves Data Grids, DropDowns, Menus and Buttons to the advanced line-of-business UIs, such as Charts, Spreadsheet, Gantt, Diagram, Scheduler, PivotGrid, and Maps.
Beautiful Themes
Choose from dozens of ready-to-use less-based themes to make your app pop without writing any CSS. Some of our most popular themes are: Material Design, SAP Fiori, and Office 365. A simple ThemeBuilder tool further lets you customize those themes.
Smart UI for Any Screen Size
Build cross-platform web applications delivering an experience tailored to the user's screen size on desktop, tablet and phone. All components integrate seamlessly with grid-layout frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation. Learn more about Kendo UI responsive capabilities.
Easy to Learn and Use
Kendo UI uses a common jаvascript language and standards so that it’s easy for any jаvascript developer to get started. You can get ready-to-use sample apps saving you time to include the needed Kendo UI libraries and set-up the components in your apps.
Complete Training
Get started with Kendo UI in just a few days. Online training courses and hands-on exercises help you quickly implement Kendo UI components into your apps.

Working With Data Online and Offline
Leverage the Kendo UI DataSource component for easy and powerful data-binding to local and remote data, offline storage and support for all popular web services, like REST and OData.
Integrates With All Popular Frameworks
Kendo UI works seamlessly with all popular frameworks so that you can build apps the way you want to: with AngularJS 1.*, Angular 2+, React, and Vue frameworks. And we support Bootstrap and jQuery of course so you can easily integrate Kendo UI components into your own look-and-feel.
Export Excel, PDF, and PNG
Manage common office documents in your apps. End users work with tons of office documents like Excel, PDF, and PNG. Enable them to easily export those documents with the advanced exporting capabilities of Kendo UI.
Works With All Browsers
Leverages latest HTML5/JS features for modern browsers, while maintaining compatibility with the old.
Flexible Product Support
Were proud to provide a support service that our customers love. Kendo UI offers flexible support options delivered by the actual product engineers. Whether you need occasional online support, or immediate phone support and remote debugging - we've got you covered.

Kendo UI R1 2020


Badge feature for Button


Button remains highlighted when clicking and dragging
Inconsistent use of data-enable attribute by the Button and the ButtonGroup


Enhanced ButtonGroup badge feature


Inconsistent use of data-enable attribute by the Button and the ButtonGroup


ColorPicker's popup and FlatColorPicker do not support RTL
ColorPicker's clearButton falls on a new line in Bootstrap, Fiori, Material, MaterialBlack, Nova and Office 365 themes


Virtualized ComboBox is selecting a random item when scrolling with the arrows and then blurred


New Badge widget
New Breadcrumb widget
New FileManager widget
Style native checkbox and radiobutton instead of their label


Invalid use of rgba function in Less files


DateRangePicker change event fires three times on every input change.


Invisible shape displayed on the PDF export file


Cascading DropDownList restores previous selection


Unexpected change event triggering when using value() method of remote datasource DropDownTree with checkboxes and autoBind false
DropDownTree does not update checked items after setDataSource


Row and Column headers for Editor Table Wizard
Format Painter Tool


Resizable mode of Editor ToolBar does not reset properly
Editor merge cells horizontally throws an error


Formatting expressionPreview in Filter
Enable setting custom operators per field
Support for custom filter function


Filter: empty group node makes the filter wrongly return no results


Gantt in MVC with string ids throws JS error on add task
Resizing the listview in one gantt causes incorrect resizing of tasks in another gantt on the same page


Grid column virtualization


Kendo UI Grid ignores ComboBox filter cell template for foreign key column
Wrong Content width of a Grid with frozen columns
Grid filter menu text is selected on clicking a dropdown in the menu
Grid virtual scrolling is not working on mobile browser in Desktop mode
Grid scroll position jumps when navigating to edited cell in RTL
Styles are not applied to locked command buttons in Nova theme
columnReorder does not trigger when reordering via keyboard navigation
Incorrect size of validation Tooltip inside Grid with Less themes


ListView item loses role attribute on cancel


Append method with scrollable does not always append items properly
Append method inconsistent with template items when scrollable is enabled


Responsive pager option missing for TypeScript


PanelBar fires onselect twice if you click on a label element inside its template

PDF Export

Blank space is exported to PDF when virtual scrolling of the Kendo UI Grid is enabled


PDFViewer fromFile method fails with js error, causing inability to programmatically load a file


ProgressBar does not reflect the correct figures for decimal values


Auto event height in Scheduler Month View
Adaptive slot height in Scheduler Month View
Convert Scheduler events to `box-sizing: border-box` in Less themes


Create New Event dialog closes immediately for Scheduler with Grouping, ServerOperation and ServerFiltering enabled
The Group Header does not render in Day view and date + resource grouping scenario
jаvascript error thrown by MobileRecurrenceEditor used inside edit template of Mobile Scheduler
Scheduler with multiple grouped resources and CurrentTimeMarker becomes unresponsive
Selecting a slot partially hidden by the all-day slot results in selecting the all-day slot
Unexpected add event triggered on editing an existing event of Scheduler with eventTemplate containing a table element
Exception is thrown if calling destroy during the change event
Update the kendo.timezones.js to respect recent changes
Timezone rule to date should be able to read 'less than or equal' sign


Unable to change scrolling direction rapidly with mouse wheel when page top/bottom is reached


Canceling sortable prevents drop event of draggable to trigger


Cannot `Unhide` hidden columns in imported excel file in Kendo Spreadsheet, where the first row is frozen
Spreadsheet exports corrupted xlsx file when the sheet contains an image and a comment
Spreadsheet: INDIRECT does not work in cell validation
Spreadsheet SUMIF function returns #NA when Excel returns correct result
JS error on Undo after clicking Cut tool in Spreadsheet toolbar
Using Ctrl + x to cut in the Spreadsheet works only once (IE11)
Client-side export does not preserve the number of columns when greater than AX
Spreadsheet formula SUBSTITUTE does not replace all occurrences of a string with an empty string
Cannot import file with styles from font
Cannot select multiple columns by click + drag in Spreadsheet
Incorrect selection with Ctrl + Shift + Arrow key keyboard shortcut
JS error on pasting image from Excel to Spreadsheet in IE


Switch is not working in IE 9 and 10


TimeLine dataSource refresh should refresh the TimeLine UI
Shared DataSource in Timeline


Unable to navigate with arrows out of SplitButton in ToolBar overflow dropdown
ToolBar memory leak in IE11


Incorrect size of validation Tooltip inside Grid with Less themes


TreeList Search Panel


Wrong Content width of a Grid with frozen columns
Grid scroll position jumps when navigating to edited cell in RTL


Unify space between TreeView nodes in LESS based themes with SASS based themes


Checking a TreeView checkbox does not focus the associated node


Integrate file group type icons in Upload files list


Hovered class (and styling) is applied to the inner hovered element instead to the entire custom drop-zone of the Upload


Scrolling of Kendo Window with thousands of images makes IE11 unresponsive

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