Google Maps Control for .Net v8.0.0

Google Maps Control for .Net v8.0.0
Google Maps Control for .Net v8.0.0

Become productive quickly, we simplify the usage of Google maps in ASP.NET webforms applications. Combine the strength of Google Map, C#, VB and databases to build fantastic map application in minutes. All Google Map features supported.

Become Productive Quickly
Your boss thinks it will take a month. You can do it in a week. We simplify the usage of GoogleMap for C# or developers, giving you the confidence to become productive in mapping immediately.
The mapping part of your application is no longer the hard part, impressive results with only a few lines of code

Many powerful features
All standard 2018 GoogleMap V3 features are supported, including: Polygon, MapMarkers, Polyline, Labels, CustomIcons, Heatmap, Overlays, Layers, KML read/write support, Geocoding, ReverseGeocoding, Routing, Distance and areacalculation and many more features. Check out our API description. Google Static Maps API is also supported.

Professional Services
Do you need to create an application that uses maps, but aren’t sure where to begin? Our project design, development, implementation and training services will help you bring your GIS ideas to market quickly and affordably. Our teams of experts can help you achieve your goals. From whole project outsourcing to staff augmentation, we have the expertise required to help bring your mapping projects to completion.

Play around with our ASP.NET GoogleMap demo environment.
Please visit our growing demonstration page showing the GoogleMap features and explore how client/server events fires from codebehind. By using the GMC.dll you greatly simplifying the use of Google maps in ASP.NET applications. Because it’s best to learn from examples, we provide of most of the features GoogleMapsControl.NET offers as example solution projects for you to investigate and make use of working code.

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