Workflow Engine for .NET 4.0.10 Enterprise

Workflow Engine for .NET  4.0.10 Enterprise
Workflow Engine for .NET 4.0.10 Enterprise

Workflow Engine is a lightweight all-in-one component that enables you to add custom executable .NET workflows of any complexity to any software, be it your own creation or a third-party solution, with minimal changes to existing code. Workflow Server is a ready-made solution for business process automation via a REST API.

We love flexibility. This is why offer you a choice of two products—Workflow Engine and Workflow Server—to either be fully integrated into your application or to run as a standalone service

Workflow Engine is a component intended to be fully integrated into your .NET app by using NuGet, or by connecting required libraries to your project.

Workflow Engine and Workflow Server work out of the box, offering you the widest range of features so that you can develop executable workflows of any complexity that get the necessary work done:

HTML5 visual designer
Design, model, edit and visualize your custom workflows

Workflow version control
Keep track of your workflow changes and easily revert them

Parallel workflow support
Split workflows into branches that execute tasks concurrently

XML import/export
Export your workflows for further reuse and sharing

Localization support
Translate user interface to multiple languages of your choice

In-built workflow timers
Set intervals or specify time to run custom actions and workflow tasks

Workflow Engine and Workflow Server run on any production environment capable of running .NET Core. Workflow Server supports MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL, whereas Workflow Engine includes the following set of pre-built providers for the most popular databases:

Being a perfect fit for private enterprise applications, Workflow Engine and Workflow Server also have the best licensing terms for SaaS providers. We set no redistribution limitations, have no loyalty fees and offer full customization capability. Besides, a single license allows you to build a single software product, whether it's SaaS or not.

Workflow Engine is arguably the best solution in the market when it comes to feasibility since it has no redistribution limitations, no loyalty fees, a perpetual license, and ensures low time to market with expected results.

Perpetual license
Workflow Engine has a perpetual license, meaning that you pay once and use it within a single product with no do usage or distribution limitations.

Vendor unlock
We provide our customers with the source code so that they are capable of making any changes to the Engine whether we are there to help or not.

Expected results
By purchasing Worklfow Engine you get to own a workflow component that is guaranteed to work as opposed to building a custom engine.

Low time to market
Our ready-made engine and comprehensive documentation allow you to get down to development faster, and, hence, hitting the market sooner.

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