DevExpress Xamarin.Forms UI Controls v19.2.3

DevExpress Xamarin.Forms UI Controls v19.2.3
DevExpress Xamarin.Forms UI Controls v19.2.3

Deliver elegant and high-performance mobile apps with the DevExpress Xamarin.Forms Controls. The suite ships with a feature-rich Xamarin Data Grid, Scheduler, Charts, TabView and Navigation Drawer controls.

Xamarin Data Grid
Our Xamarin.Forms UI suite ships with a high-impact and feature-complete Xamarin Data Grid control. Features include:

Large Dataset Support
Data Editing
High-Performance and Smooth Scrolling
Multi-Column Sorting
Data Summaries, Grouping and Filtering API
Pull To Refresh, Load More and Swipe Support
Dark and Light Themes, and much more...

Xamarin Scheduler
The DevExpress Xamarin.Forms Scheduler features multiple calendar views so you can deliver full-featured personal information management systems in the shortest possible time.

Features include:

Day, Week, Work Week and Month Views
Recurring Appointment Support
Appointment Editor
Styles and Templates
Dark and Light Themes

Xamarin Charts
With its comprehensive collection of 2D chart types, the DevExpress Xamarin.Forms Chart Control has been engineered to dramatically simplify the way in which you visually present information to your end-users.

Features include:

Financial Chart
Area, Bar and Line Charts
Point and Bubble Charts
Pie and Donut Charts
High-performance real-time data updates
Smooth navigation and zoom
Series and point selection
Tooltips, crosshair cursors
Dark and Light Themes

Self-Evident Navigation
Tab View and Drawer
The DevExpress Xamarin TabView allows you better organize UI elements and improve overall application usability.

Our Xamarin Navigation Drawer View will help you incorporate intuitive navigation options. The Drawer can be permanently visible or opened and closed by tapping its navigation menu icon.

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