VARCHART XGantt for .NET v5.1 Build 337

VARCHART XGantt for .NET v5.1 Build 337
VARCHART XGantt for .NET v5.1 Build 337

Time- and resource-related planning data such as jobs, tasks, orders, activities, and capacities are best displayed in Gantt charts.
In an intelligent Gantt chart, the planner can take corrective actions at his fingertips.

Speed up your development and create compelling, easy-to-use visual scheduling experiences. Being on the market for almost 30 years, VARCHART XGantt ist the most complete C# Gantt chart control for building modern and yet industry-proof scheduling applications.

Your Next Scheduling Application Starts Here
Explore our Gantt chart capabilities and the VARCHART XGantt difference
We know: seeing is believing. Have a look at four sample videos to understand how our C# Gantt chart control VARCHART XGantt can empower your planning and scheduling application. The videos either show dedicated XGantt features or applications that have been built with our .NET Gantt chart control.

Increased Time-to-Market
Do not re-invent the wheel and do not spend weeks and months building functions that we built years ago. Benefit from a powerful API and customize your scheduling application to your exact specifications. Take advantage of our sample apps with source code, thorough documentation and a both responsive and human support.

Feature Set
We know that there are beautifully looking Gantt charts out there. XGantt might not look "sexy" at first glance; but most developers get excited when they take a true look under the hood. We have been building powerful, but sometimes hidden features to grow with the requirements of demanding B2B industry software solutions.

We Are Gantt Chart Specialists
For sure, a basic Gantt chart is part of any proper UI control library. These libraries come from companies that are good at doing many things. We excel at doing one thing. We are specialists, not generalists. We live and breathe the Gantt chart and believe that we employ the most experienced C# Gantt chart development team on the globe.

Optimized Display of Overlapping Nodes
Overlapping activities are usually highlighted by a red underscore in one row. But how do you know how much the activities overlap each other? Optimize the view by arranging the overlapping activities one below the other. The row width will be adjusted automatically. This is one unique feature of VARCHART XGantt .NET and ActiveX Edition.

Workfree Periods & Capacities
Do you need to visualize different shift calendars and/or resource calendars in your application? With VARCHART XGantt, you can manage and visualize an individual work calendar per resource, and show worktime and non-worktime in the Gantt chart. In addition to this, you can show the resource capacities and their respective utilization in a histogram and clearly emphasize them.

Planning With Two Gantt Charts
The VARCHART XGantt Gantt chart control allows you to arrange multiple Gantt charts on top of each other. All charts will scroll synchronously This gives you a couple of interesting capabilities such as:

Have one Gantt chart (e.g. at the top) for unassigned jobs and one with the concrete schedule. You can then drag jobs from the unassigned area and drop into the schedule.
Have one Gantt chart for a high-level view, and the Gantt chart below revealing more details about the job that had been selected in the high-level chart.

Cross-linked Gantt Chart
Create clear-cut and unambigous links between acitivities with predecessor and successor dependencies. Use different link types between the layers/bars and thus highlight them. Create, modify or delete links interactively in the Gantt chart. Use our Time Scheduler that plans activities automatically by forward and backward calculation from earliest start and latest end date and calculates the critical path on the basis of this data and the float times.

Print Sections or the Complete Diagram
Our ActiveX and .NET Gantt chart control comes with powerful print capabilities. Define the page layout and view the result in the integrated page preview. Specify which diagram parts are to be repeated on each side and how title and legend are to be displayed. Have the time scale use the whole page width. Create pdf files to communicate your Gantt views in standardized electronical form.

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