DHTMLX Scheduler .NET v.4.0 Enterprise

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET v.4.0 Enterprise
DHTMLX Scheduler .NET v.4.0 Enterprise

DHTMLX Scheduler .NET is a web control that provides rich scheduling capabilities found in MS Outlook or Google Calendar, powered with seamless Ajax loading and advanced drag-and-drop.

You can customize ASP.NET scheduler control and configure its behavior according to the needs of your application. It provides all necessary functionality to build attractive and interactive scheduling solutions for ASP.NET, such as Outlook-like event calendars, room booking calendars, car rental applications, task management systems, job schedulers, etc.

We keep our net scheduler up to date and continuously add new useful features. We made it easy to integrate into any ASP.NET MVC and WebForms application. It can also be synchronized with other calendars, such as Google or Outlook.

ASP.NET Scheduler Key Features

Day, week, month and year views

With DHTMLX Scheduler .NET you can display your events in the basic day, week, month, and year views, which is actually the essential functionality of any event calendar. A handy date-picker is also included.

Agenda view
You can have daily and weekly agenda to display all appointments and tasks you have for the current week or day.

Cascade view
You can make your ASP.NET calendar events overlap in time. In this case they are displayed as cascades.

Grid view
With DHTMLX Scheduler .NET you can arrange all your data loaded from various sources in one grid. Filtering events by type is also available.

Timeline view
If you need to display events in your ASP.NET app for several resources (e.g. employees, office locations, rooms) a timeline view is a great option.

Multiple schedulers
If you need to display several scheduler instances with different views on a single page, you would need multiple schedulers functionality.

Google calendar integration
Integrate your Google Calendar events with DHTMLX Scheduler .NET via Google Calendar API to keep notified of scheduled events.

Integration with Outlook
Integrate your Outlook Calendar with Scheduler .NET and have your appointments and task imported/exported in a wink of an eye.

Google Maps Integration
If you need to locate your events on the map, integrate Scheduler .NET with Google Maps and display the location right in the calendar.

Export to pdf/ical
If you need to export your events to PDF or iCal, we added this feature to ASP.NET scheduler for your convenience.

Multiple Views
Basic Views(day, week, month, year, agenda)
You can display your calendar events in Day, Week, Month, Year, and Agenda views.

Multiple Resource Views(units, timeline) Updated!
You can display events for several resources (e.g. employees, office locations, rooms) on a calendar page using Units View or place them in a horizontal Timeline View.

Grid View
You can arrange data loaded from different resources in a grid and sort it by type.

Cascade View
Calendar events overlapping in time can be displayed in cascades in the week view.

Multi-day View
Multi-day view allows displaying events in daily and weekly views.

Multiple Schedulers
You can create multiple scheduler instances with different views on one page.

Quick Navigation with Date Picker
Date picker allows easy navigation through days, months and years.

Customizable Appearance
You can customize the calendar look and feel. There are four nice-looking skins: classic, glossy, terrace and flat. Wide details form and custom display of events are supported.

Marking and Blocking Calendar Dates
Calendar times sections can be marked with color or blocked to prevent users from making entries.

Highlight Pointer and ‘Create-on-click’ Events
A highlight pointer helps add new events. Moreover, you can create events upon a click and highlight the position of an event on the time-scale.

Flexible time scale
You can hide unnecessary week days or hours in the horizontal time scale. Or you can add extra week days to the calendar view.

This ASP.NET calendar comes with some accessibility features. In particular, scheduler.NET provides WAI-ARIA support, high-contrast skins and keyboard navigation.

Integration with Other Components

Google Calendar Integration Updated!
Integration with Google Calendar via Google Calendar API v3 allows you to synchronize events between DHTMLX Scheduler Calendar and Google Calendar.

Google Maps Integration
Scheduler .NET is integrated with Google Maps allowing to locate your events on the map.

Export to PDF/iCal Updated!
Calendar events can be exported to pdf or ical.

Integration with Outlook
With Scheduler .NET calendar data can be imported/exported to/from Outlook Calendar.

Flexible Configuration

Recurring Events Updated!
You can configure your events to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis and define the editing mode.

Events Filtering
Calendar events can be filtered by type, occurrence, time, location and other parameters.

Time Zones
You can easily convert server side dates from UTC to your local time zone and backwards when data are sent to the server.

You can set custom tooltips with event details, popping up when you hover over an event.

Touch Support
Scheduler .NET is optimized for touch screens, including tablets, touch screen monitors and smartphones running iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Recurring Events
Live Update
Live update allows real-time collaborative scheduling and editing of scheduler events. All updates become visible to other scheduler users once they are made.

The scheduler interface can be localized to German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, etc.

JQuery Validation
Scheduler .NET allows adding user inputs validation using DataAnnotation engine.

Auto-Save and Auto-Update
With auto-save the details form closes up automatically when you click outside the form. While editing an event auto-update refreshes the entire calendar view. By default, only the edited event is updated. This feature is applicable in cases when automatic resizing of event boxes is required.

Client-Side Enhancements Updated!
It is possible to initialize Scheduler .NET via jаvascript API. It plays well together with jQuery and Backbone.js. Besides, we've added a new API to handle network and server errors connected with data saving and loading.

Full Bootstrap Compatibility
Scheduler .NET 3.2 is fully compatible with Bootstrap - HTML5 and CSS3 framework.

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