Tallcomponents PDFKit.NET v5.0.64.0

Tallcomponents PDFKit.NET v5.0.64.0
Tallcomponents PDFKit.NET v5.0.64.0

PDFKit.NET is a 100% managed (verifiable) .NET class library for creating and manipulating PDF documents. It consists of just a single assembly that can be xcopy-deployed. It has no dependencies other than the .NET framework. Central to PDFKit.NET is a consistent and highly intuitive object model consisting of classes like Document, PageCollection, Page, Canvas, Shape, Bookmark, Annotation, Field, etc. The focus of the development team is always to ease the task of integrating our class libray in a larger application. These are PDFKit.NET’s primary features:

Fill and flatten PDF forms
Split and assemble PDF documents
Apply security settings such as passwords
Stamp content on new and existing pages
Support for CMYK and Grayscale colorspace
Read, Create and Modify Actions, Sticky Notes and Links
Active jаvascript interpretation (for formatted and calculated fields)
Adobe LiveCycle Designer compatibility (static forms only)
Extract and search text
Digitally signing and verification
Native .NET 2.0 support, including 64-bit support

Tagged PDF new
Dynamic XFA new
.NET Core support new
Xamarin support new
Reduce PDF size new
Fill and flatten PDF forms
Split and append PDF documents/pages
Extract, modify and add graphics
Digitally sign and verify PDF documents

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