Telerik Sitefinity CMS v12.0

Telerik Sitefinity CMS v12.0
Telerik Sitefinity CMS v12.0

Put marketers in control with Sitefinity. It's highly extensible, high-performing and easy to use. Today’s customer demands high-touch, personalized experiences with rich, relevant content delivered instantly through the digital channels they choose. On top of those expectations, you need to tame technological complexity and cope with limited resources. Progress® Sitefinity™ makes it easy for marketers and developers to deliver compelling, multichannel user experiences.

Be an IT Hero
Progress Sitefinity Cloud managed services provide state-of-the-art CI/CD process and tools, 99.9% service level availability and 24x7 support. All the benefits with none of the work will make you an IT hero.

Be a Marketing Maverick
A new modern content editor and page management UI, dynamic rule-based forms, and improved synchronization through SiteSync empowers marketers to deliver valuable, personalized content—quickly and easily.

Be a Development Wizard
Build complex, high-performing, responsive and scalable web sites using Sitefinity .ASP .NET CMS and MVC. Gain full control of your markup and keep your code organized, reusable and easy to test.

Seamlessly Deliver Relevant, Multichannel Content
Organizations struggle with the new era of content management, which includes managing multiple digital channels and reaching the right audience, on the right device, at the right time. Customers demand meaningful experiences every time they engage your content, ramping up the pressure to create and update content quickly and seamlessly.

Get a simple, affordable, user-friendly solution for creating, managing and delivering content through multiple touchpoints. Easily create new content and deliver it across devices within minutes with our industry-leading, desktop-like experience. Progress Sitefinity gives you:

Inline Editing
Create and update content and images on the fly effortlessly.

Drag & Drop Layouts
Create new design layouts easily by dragging and dropping widgets.

Content Personalization
Deliver different versions of content to multiple audiences using parameters you choose.

Central Multi-Site and Multilingual Management
Manage multiple sites and microsites from one place without worrying about translation.

Quality and Governance
Ensure content quality and governance with approval workflows, granular permissions and version history.

Digital Asset Management
Manage digital images and videos from a central location and share them across pages and sites globally.

SEO Tools
Integrated SEO tools improve content discoverability in search engine results.

Form Builder
Build, configure and publish web forms using drag-and-drop tools without programming, plus capture form submissions directly into your CRM and marketing automation systems.

Predict and Shape Individual Journeys
The abundance of customer data generated online presents a great opportunity for businesses to increase engagement, enhance loyalty, convert prospects and build revenue. However, many companies face technology limitations that make it hard to consolidate that data, turn it into actionable insight, and transfer that insight to marketing systems of engagement.

Personalization to Influence the Journey Where It Counts
With minimal effort, Sitefinity helps you gain actionable insight into your high-value segments. Track digital behavior, isolate key touchpoints and influence the journey through personalization:

Tailor Messaging
Shape messaging for key audiences and measure impact to website interaction and engagement.

Build Target Segments
Consolidate information from multiple sources and quickly build laser-focused target segments for use in marketing initiatives such as web content, social and email campaigns.

Leverage Data
Leverage APIs and integrated connectors to consolidate demographic and behavioral data for anonymous and known audiences from multiple systems, like CRM, Analytics, CMS, or MRM systems.

Deliver Consistent Experiences Across Multiple Channels
Managing multiple digital channels is a must to deliver a consistent customer experience across whichever channel they choose. Sitefinity provides a truly modern, digital experience. Driven by cognitive capabilities, it's easy for marketers and developers to deliver meaningful content seamlessly through various multichannel touchpoints—with a single interface for your team to easily manage it all.

Manage multiple channels from a single instance, easily sharing content, assets, permissions and resources.

Deliver Content They Want, When They Want It
Generate and manage personalized content delivered via various touchpoints driven by cognitive capabilities.

Enhance Interaction and Visibility
Increase customer engagement by delivering frictionless experiences across web, mobile, email, social media, and more.

Elevate Loyalty for Greater ROI
Engaged customers are easier to retain, become more loyal and are more likely to refer. All this equates to an increase in revenue for your business.

Minimize the Work With One Interface
Reduce costs and increase productivity with a central management interface for sharing and reproducing content, assets, permissions and resources.

Make Every Transaction an Experience
Customers demand an elevated, personalized and seamless digital experience. Boost your revenue by offering catalogs, multiple storefronts, targeted promotions and payment processing, plus leverage the powerful partner solution integrations in Sitefinity.

Enhance customer experiences, increase shopping conversions and get data-driven experience management with a leading .NET-based commerce platform powering 3000 sites including H.J. Heinz and Emirates.

ROC Commerce
This end-to-end digital commerce platform benefits from Sitefinity's elegant UI, scalability and ease of use. Deliver frictionless buying experiences integrated with complex mission-critical systems.

Use SmarterCommerce and their JD Edwards integration along with Sitefinity to engage customers 24/7 across all devices and to control your online presence through one platform.

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