PowerBuilder 2019 GA Universal Edition

PowerBuilder 2019 GA Universal Edition
PowerBuilder 2019 GA Universal Edition

PowerBuilder empowers you to build faster, better, business apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. Develop visually using proven technology standards. Deploy device, OS, and DB agnostic apps. Who knew building data-rich cloud apps could be this easy? PowerBuilder 2019 modernizes the user interface and architecture of PowerScript client apps. UI Themes transform the look and feel of your application in a codeless fashion. And a comprehensive suite of Web API client and security features transforms the architecture of your application to either a pure or hybrid cloud app.

A Visual IDE
PowerBuilder is a simple, intuitive, and visual-driven IDE to rapidly develop client/server or cloud apps.

Cloud App Architecture
You can use PowerBuilder to build pure or hybrid cloud apps that are powered by REST Web APIs with a microservice architecture.

Programming Languages
It supports PowerScript as the native client programming language and C# as the server programming language.

.NET Technology
Server-side programming is powered by the .NET Core, which is Microsoft’s open-source, cross-OS, high-performance .NET framework. All server runtime libraries are 100% managed code.

Powerful Data Access
DataWindow technology makes data access and manipulation simple and easy no matter developing client/server or cloud apps.

Web & Mobile Deployment
Together with PowerServer, you can quickly deploy your projects to both web and mobile using a universal code base.

Major New Features
PowerBuilder 2019 brings C# Web API & assembly development to PowerBuilder with the productivity that is the hallmark of PowerBuilder. A C# migration solution (framework and tools) is also provided so you can leverage existing code assets. PowerScript client app development is revamped with new UI technologies and cloud architecture.

PowerBuilder 2019 provides a new .NET data access object - .NET DataStore. It brings the heart of PowerBuilder to .NET development, delivering the high productivity of PowerBuilder, powerful data access functionality, and with high performance. You can deploy to Windows or Linux and interface with SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Anywhere.

PowerBuilder 2019 includes a customized version of the SnapDevelop C# IDE. While PowerBuilder C# projects can be maintained in any C# IDE, the PowerBuilder C# IDE makes it easier to develop non-visual C# projects (e.g. Web APIs and assemblies) using PowerBuilder’s .NET data access objects.

PowerBuilder 2019 offers the fastest path for existing apps to move to C# and the cloud. Our migration approach is a port of your non-visual logic rather than a rewrite, simplifying the project and reducing the effort immensely. Included in the C# migration solution is a C# Data Model Generator for automatically converting existing DataWindows to .NET DataStores.

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