Better ListView .NET Control 3.15

Better ListView .NET Control 3.15
Better ListView .NET Control 3.15

The number one replacement component for the regular .NET ListView control. We’ve rewritten the .NET ListView control. Great look and feel, more features, better behavior. No learning needed.

Better ListView advantages:
Single small DLL file (less than 250kB when compressed).
FIPS-compliant, CLS-compliant, digitally signed and strongly named.
Easy deployment (xcopy). No dependencies. No installation.
Royalty-free distribution. No runtime licensing.
Written from scratch in pure managed code.
Fast, optimized for 10.000+ items.
No learning needed. Very similar to regular .NET ListView control.
User-friendly and developer-friendly.
No limits of the regular Microsoft .NET ListView control bundled with Visual Studio!
Tested by thousands of users world-wide.
Guaranteed continued support and development. We use Better ListView ourselves in our popular and successful desktop products, like Swift To-Do List.
Well documented, intuitive method/properties names.
Always looks great. Always fully uses the current Windows theme, including Aero support.
Enterprise source code licenses available.
Fast 24-hour or faster support.

BetterListView extra features:
Better ListView has hundreds of extra features, compared to the regular .NET ListView control. Plus, it removes all its limitations and bugs. Some of the most notable extra features include:

Hierarchical items. Supports sub-items like in the tree view control.
Thumbnails view.
Serialization – XML and Binary
Save/load Better ListView content into XML or binary, string or file, in just 1 line of code.
Inbuilt drag & drop reordering (with insertion mark indicator).
Sub-item images
Double-buffered and flicker-free.
Highly customizable and flexible.
Multi-column sorting.
Inbuilt sorting (zero code needed).
Checkboxes in all views, 3-state support
Better grouping – preserves item order, customizable group headers look and behavior, collapsible, image support, context menu support, focusable, etc.
Embedded editing controls, support for custom controls.
Complex data binding with custom column mapping.
Many other useful features - see more Better ListView features.

Why is Better ListView the best ListView
replacement component for .NET (C#, VB)?
To put it simply, there is nothing like Better ListView out there. Nothing.

Better ListView has been designed as a component that can easily replace the original ListView control supplied with .NET.

There is virtually no learning needed. It’s just intuitive.

Better ListView looks native and always fully utilizes the current system theme (so there is no weird inconsistent look), and it also behaves exactly like it should. We’ve modeled it after the original list view component and the list view used in Windows Explorer – everyone already knows how to use it. It fully leverages the previous user knowledge.

We put extreme attention to details. All the little quirks and nuances that drive us crazy when it comes to components of many smaller vendors are resolved in Better ListView. You will be amazed how flexible and customizable it is, and how great it feels to use it. The users of your application will feel right at home.

Extra features summary
Better ListView is fast and flicker-free, supports hierarchical items, has improved grouping, better drag & drop and item reordering support, better column headers, inbuilt sorting, multi-column sorting, better images support, context menus for column headers and items, embedded controls for editing support, automatic and custom sizing of items and images, thumbnails view, richer event data, item text formatting, XML and binary serialization, data-binding, owner-drawing options, better tooltips, powerful hit-test, improved usability, easy saving/loading of contents into file or string, multi-line items, and more.

Sub-item images
You can set images to list view sub-items. Regular list view allows you to set only one image per list view item, but Better ListView can show image for every sub-item (in every column).
Image-List and Image Support
Better ListView supports both image list, or individual image objects (System.Drawing.Image). Regular list view forces you to use ImageList object.
Custom list view Image size
You can use any image size in the list view. Better ListView can also automatically resize images with preserving aspect ratio.
Drag & drop with insertion mark
Highly customizable drag-drop for both internal and external drag-drop. You can use drop highlight or insertion mark drag drop modes.

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