Timeline Framework .NET v7.0.4.0

Timeline Framework .NET v7.0.4.0
Timeline Framework .NET v7.0.4.0

Timeline Framework is the Software Developer Kit (SDK) for software developers that provides an easy access to the Windows Timeline features on Windows desktop platforms. Timeline Framework is the part of Wireless Communication Library but can be used as stand alone library.

Applications we develop must help users do great things — enabling a wide range of creative, productivity and entertainment scenarios. Returning to activities can be a challenge. By writing User Activities, application developers have a new tool to get users back into their application.

Starting in Windows 10 16299 or higher, User Activities generated by your application appear in Windows Timeline. By writing User Activities into the Microsoft Graph, you can express specific content within your application as a destination which is showcased in Windows.

Each User Activity represents a single destination within your app: such as a TV show, document or your current campaign in a game. When you engage with that activity (by creating an Activity Session), the system creates a history record indicating the start and end time for that activity. As you re-engage with that User Activity over time, multiple History Records will be recorded for a single User Activity.

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