FastReport .NET NetFx2/NetFx4 2019.1.9

FastReport .NET NetFx2/NetFx4 2019.1.9
FastReport .NET NetFx2/NetFx4 2019.1.9

With FastReport.Net, you can create application-independent .Net reports. In other words, FastReport.Net can be used as a standalone reporting tool.

Includes powerful visual report designer for creating and modifying the reports. Your application can run the designer from the code.
Includes online report designer for ASP.Net (only in Enterprise edition)
Connect to any database, use any of its tables or create queries
Add dialogue form(s) to your report to prompt for parameters before running a report
Using built-in script you can manage the interactions with dialogue form controls and perform complex data handling
Finally, view the result and print or export it to many common document formats

Connect to any database, use any of its tables or create queries
Add dialogue form(s) to your report to prompt for parameters before running a report
Using built-in script you can manage the interactions with dialogue form controls and perform complex data handling
Finally, view the result and print or export it to many common document formats


FastReport.Net is written in C# and contains only managed code. It is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 and higher. .NET Framework 1.x is not supported
Full source code is available. FastReport.Net can be customized to suit your needs
Object Map. You can add geographical maps to your report.
Support the clouds. FastReport.Net can save reports to one of three services: Google Drive, DropBox and SkyDrive.
Reasonable price and licensing policy. At a reasonable price you get a full-featured reporting solution with royalty-free runtime report engine and a designer!
Extendable FastReport.Net architecture allows you to create your own objects, export filters, wizards and DB engines. If existing features are not enough for you then extend them!
Supports RDL format - import and export. RDL vs. FastReport.Net comparison table
Imports Crystal Reports templates. Crystal Reports vs. FastReport .NET comparison table.
Very compact and really Fast!

Current Version
+ added property FastReport.Utils.Config.PreparedCompressed (default value: true) for enable or disable the compression in files with prepared reports (fpx)
+ added the ability to disable hotkeys in designer and preview
+ added property ReportPage.Printable (default value: true) for enable or disable printing of the page
- fixed a bug with high engine loads with reports using guide lines
- fixes bug with "optional hyphen" in rich text parser
- fixed bug with System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException in MSChartObject.DeleteSeries(int index) method
- fixed bug with null value returned from FastReport.Utils.Variant.ToString() method
- fixed bug with not used parameter in FastReport.Utils.FastString.FastString(int) constructor
- fixed bug with possible infinite recursion inside TextObject.ParagraphFormat property
- fixed bug with System.IndexOutOfRangeException in BarcodeCodabar.GetPattern() method
- fixed a bug with the size of the text offset when using TextObject.ParagraphOffset
- fixed bug with printing band when Printable property is disabled
* SVG object is optimized, removed inheritance SVGObject from PictureObject, then now SVG object is not drawn in memory for its display in vector exports
> Pay attention for working with the SVG object, it is now unlinked from the PictureObject, in consequence two properties are no longer available: Tile - which rendered the SVG image with vertical and horizontal repetition, and Image - which stored the image to be drawn. The denial of the last property allowed to draw an SVG object in vector exports without rendering the raster image in memory. You need to double-check your reports if you used the SVG object as an inheritance of a PictureObject.
- fixed a bug with calculating the size of the SVG object, when negative values are used in the ViewBox
- fixed a bug with drawing when a text object contained only tab characters
- fixed a bug with indentation size when printing a report using TextObject[TextRendererType = TextRenderType.HtmlParagraph]
- fixed a bug with report preparation when SubreportObject doesn't have a valid link to the report page

+ added saving last active tab of the designer options window
- fixed bug when format controls stay enabled after deleting object
- fixed bug with saving sql query by Finish button
- fixed bug with System.NullReferenceException when trying to copy DialogPage
- fixed bug with enabled buttons in group Report->Bands when active page is DialogPage
- fixed bug with enabled buttons "Grid", "Guides", "Automatic Guides", "Delete Horizontal Guides" and "Delete Vertical Guides" when active page is DialogPage
- fixed order of objects in toolbar
- fixed bug with incorrect position of not-maximized window (window is not visible) on turned off second monitor
- fixed memory leak in CSV connection
- fixed bug with blank condition in Group Header
- fixed bug with System.ArgumentException in Chart Editor when Width of Strip less than zero
- fixed bug with System.ArgumentException in Chart Editor when Step of Markers less than one
* improved algorithm of SubreportObject and designer, now you can delete and copy the Subreport page

* now Duplex will be changed in Print window if it has been changed in printer settings
- fixed icon size when using <dpiAware>true</dpiAware>
+ added feature to simply print from the console using the command `Viewer.exe / P`

* improved font packaging in pdf export, using simple ligatures (fi, tt)
- fixed text display in pdf export on linux systems, when text starts with a tab
- fixed missed "</html>" tag in HTML export with single page
* improved font style emulation in pdf
- fixed bug with pdf export, when the default number format is symbolic, not digital

+ added a demo project, how to use FastReport Core in the CentOS docker container (\Demos\Core\FastReportCore.MVC.CentOS)
+ added a demo project, how to use FastReport Core together Vue.js (\Demos\Core\FastReportCore.Vue)
- fixed too long message showing "Printing page N" in FastReport.NET Demo

  [.Net Core]
* removed api of dialogues from the version for .Net Core
- fixed white space wrapping to a new line
- fixed bug with roslyn wrapper, when an warning is raised as error level

* updated json connector for working with latest version
* updated Greek resources

Version 2018.4
+ added possibility to access totals, parameters and variables without case sensitivity
+ added a new experimental feature to improve the work with memory
> we are constantly trying to improve performance and memory usage of FastReport.Net, at the moment we added a new experimental property Config.IsStringOptimization, which allows us to use strings from the string pool when loading very large fpx reports. To enable this feature, simply change the IsStringOptimization value to true. While the property is experimental the changing this property is only available manually from code. Especially this property will be interesting to users who use at least 1 000 000 objects in the report.
* new RTF parser - if "ConvertRichText" option is enabled, then an embedded  RTF document is splitting to report objects - TextObject, TableObject, and PictureObject
* now integer division by zero does not lead to generator crashing, instead of that expression containing error will be exchanged to text "DIVISION BY ZERO!"
* optimized QR Code Barcode Object rendering
- fix CR/LF translation in an expression result inside Richtext object
- fix expression parser of RichObject
- fixed bug with RTF tags inside expression of RichText object
- fixed bug with encoding of character ";" in barcode Code128
- fixed a bug with the rotation of barcodes
- fixed a bug where in some cases, images when exporting to PDF were higher than needed
- fixed a bug of printing text objects with the property TextRenderType = HtmlParagraph
- fixed a bug where a large amount of text in a cell leads to in an infinite generation of blank pages in the report
> ATTENTION !!! We decreased the default value of the MaxHeight property from 5000 to 1000 for the TableRow object. You need to check your reports if you used rows in tables large then 10 inches in height!!!
- fixed "An item with the same key has already been added" bug in AssemblyDescriptor.Compile() method
- fixed bug in MSChartObject with AutoSeries in detailed reports
- fix parsing of multipage text in RichObject
- fixed bug with "SVGObject.Grayscale = true -> SVGObject.Grayscale = false is still Grayscale"
- fixed bug with position of SubreportObject on page with unlimited width

+ now in View Data window shown numbers of rows on page
+ added ability to resize band by dragging its top, in this case objects move in band
+ added ability to copy report pages in designer
+ added "Text file (*.txt)" and "All files(*.*)" filters in CSV connection
+ added Hyperlink.OpenLinkInNewTab property
* buttons in View Data window are disabled when window less than needed for one row
* now buttons in Data Tree become disabled when the tree loses focus
- fixed bug with entering Polish symbol "Д…" (Right Alt + "A") in text editor
- fixed rare bug when View Data window is increased and not all rows are shown but there is enough space
- fixed bug with saving file to wrong folder in Save As dialog
- fixed a bug with file extension in Save As dialog, when report is converted from a file that is not FastReport .NET file
- fixed bug with incorrect movement of objects when mouse moves too fast if band is resizing by dragging its top
- fixed bug with System.NullReferenceException after closing Start Page tab in MDI designer
- fixed bug with System.ArgumentException when file name contains point "." in CSV connection
- fixed bug with equal field names in CSV connection when field names are stored in first line of file
- fixed bug with lost focus of Event Editor after Preview
- fixed bug with visibility of DataBand properties Left, Top and Width
- fixed bug with System.OverflowException in DesignerControl when loading report containing page with unlimited width
- fixed bug with incorrect addition of a new object if property of the selected object has changed

+ added ability to copy and delete prepared pages in preview

+ added property HTMLExport.EnableVectorObjects (enabled by default)
+ added a new property AsBitmap for Barcode which indicates to use a bitmap instead of vector, the default property is False, which means exporting as a vector
+ added the DoNotExpandShiftReturn property to the Word2007Export user interface, allowing you to control the horizontal alignment for soft return
+ added property Excel2007Export.PrintFit in Excel 2007 export (may be set in NoScaling, FitSheetOnOnePage, FitAllColumsOnOnePage, FitAllRowsOnOnePage)
+ added translation of RichObject text in DOCX export for Layered and Paragraph modes
* updated export to FR3 (FastReport VCL files), added export of tables, barcodes, maps and shapes
* the exports menu has been refactored, now the exports are grouped by category
* increased accuracy for SVG in high resolution when exporting to PDF
- fixed bug with negative width/height of picture in HTML export and WebReport
- fixed dynamic page orientation, page size and padding in MS Word 2007
- fixed memory leak with using barcodes in PDF, HTML exports
- fixed bug with barcode incorrect position inside TableCell in PDF, HTML, SVG exports
- fixed bug with incorrect file names in HTML export with Subfolder = true
- fixed bug with single picture in Excel 2003 (xls, BIFF8) and Excel 2007 (xlsx)
- fixed bug with transparent background of picture in Excel 2007 (xlsx)
- fix "Text in Curves" mode in PDF export
- fix font style simulation in PDF export
- deep refactoring of font embedding engine, added check font's rights for embedding/subsetting
- fixed bug with drawing the borders of table in PDF export with properties Layout = Wrapped, FixedColumns = 1 and dynamic count of columns
- fixed bug with paddings in Excel 2007 export
- fixed bug with opening export file in Excel 2007 with non-zero ParagraphOffset property 
- fixed bug with exporting pictures to Excel 2003 (BIFF8, xls)
- fixed issue with decimal separator in Persian locale
- fixed the export property SvgAsPicture of PDF, when the barcodes were exported as SVG and not as images
- fixed a bug with the export of BarcodeObject with using the Padding property when it is converted to SVG
- fixed issue with exporting \ in Hyperlinks in PDF
- fixed null reference exception in ImageExport when Watermark.Text is null
- fixed issue with Watermark transparency in PDF export
- fixed bug with extra width documents in export in Excel 2007
- fixed bug with "too much bold" in PDF export
- fixed bug with export of some characters in Excel2007Export

  [.Net Core]
+ added FastReport.Data.OracleODPCore package to Nuget repository (
- fixed a bug where sometimes whitespace characters at the end of a line were moved to a new line
- fixed a bug with https-saving in Online Designer for FastReprot.Web.Core
- fixed a bug where Core exports were wrong
- fixed a bug  with corrupted "new line" symbols in online designer
- fixed names of data types for .Net Core

+ added an example Demos/C#/Web/PreparedPreview/ that demonstrates of working with prepared report in Web
+ added a method WebReport.LoadFromFile(string fileName) that loads a report from file
+ added a method WebReport.LoadFromStream(Stream stream) that loads a report from stream
+ added a method WebReport.LoadPrepared(string fileName) that loads a prepared report from file
+ added a method WebReport.LoadPrepared(Stream stream) that loads a prepared report from stream
+ added a constructor WebReport(bool inlineRegistration) that makes fast initialization of control without any previous external scripts/css loading
+ added a constructor WebReport(bool inlineRegistration, bool stretched) that makes fast initialization with presets for 100% width and 100% height
+ added a property WebReport.XlsxPrintFitPage for enable stretching the Excel 2007 worksheet in one page on printing
- fixed bug with checking handlers in Web.config
- fixed bug with saving report with Referenced Assemblies in Online Designer from Firefox browser
- fixed bug with rendering of barcodes in Internet Explorer 8 and older

- fixed bug with ActiveQueryBuilder parameters
- fixed FastReport.Data.Json package bug with Newtonsoft.Json.dll location  
- fixed bug with quotes in queries, that contain schema name in FastReport.Data.Postgres package; now available non-public schemas in designer

  [Online Designer]
+ added property Hyperlink.OpenLinkInNewTab for opening links in new tabs
- HtmlTags replaced by TextRendererType
- fixed bug with spaces in object name

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