FileUltimate & FileVista Retail

FileUltimate & FileVista Retail
FileUltimate & FileVista Retail | 33 Mb

Integrate a file manager into your ASP.NET application or site rapidly.

Browse and manage files with access control.
Accept files with the advanced upload functionality.
Offer a structured and neat download area.

Browse Files with Access Control
Limit actions, disk usage and file types on folder basis. File manager will automatically show or hide actions according to the viewed folder's access control.

FileUltimate & FileVista Retail

Isolate Folders
Prevent navigating up to parent folders with "Root Folder" concept. Define root folders which point to existing paths on the server or on the network. Set display names for root folders and hide the actual path information for security.

FileUltimate & FileVista Retail

Enable Seamless UX Across Devices and Browsers
Save the hassle of figuring out browser and device differences. FileUltimate will look and work flawlessly across web browsers on Windows or Mac or a mobile device.

FileUltimate & FileVista Retail

Decide Where You Store Files
Store your files on the server or on the network without changing your existing folder structures. Create root folders which point to existing paths and start serving files immediately.

Enable Seamless Access Across Devices and Browsers
Let your users access your web file server with their choice of a web browser on Windows or Mac or a mobile device. No need to require users install any software like ftp clients.

Minimize User Learning Curve
FileVista looks and feels like Windows File Explorer and follows user interface guidelines. Let your users easily manage their files with the comfortable and intuitive approach already known from the daily desktop working environment.

Make File Transfers Easy and Fast
Let your users upload multiple files and download multiple files or even whole folders at once. Allow files of unlimited size both when uploading and downloading.

Allow Public Access
Allow users to create public links (direct URLs) for referencing the files in other systems, in documents or in emails. Let users resume interrupted downloads via public links.

Offer Localized Access to Users
Let international access for your web file server. Allow your users to select their preferred language. Add a new language or customize an existing language easily.


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