CoolControls for .Net 4.0

CoolControls for .Net 4.0
CoolControls for .Net 4.0 | 2 Mb

Cool Content Pager
Easily paginate your HTML content. Cool Content Pager is an ASP.NET control that allows you to easily divide your static content over multiple pages, navigate to pages directly, show or hide page numbers, enable browser history feature (allows users to use the back button of the web browser), change the arrow and page color and auto-adjust to Right-to-left languages.

Cool URL Input
Add URL Infor to your text input. Cool URL Input is an ASP.NET control that allows you to get info about a URL that is typed in a TextBox, just like on Facebook or LinkedIn. Highlights include, Supports Open Graph and Cross browser compatibility.

Validate your customers EU VAT Identification numbers. EU VAT Box is an ASP.NET control that makes it easy for you to check your customers European Union VAT ID. Highlights include, Client-Side syntax validation, Live validation against EU database and the ability to jook to other controls for country and prefix selection.

Google E-Commerce Pack
Show Google Ads on your site and track your web visitors with Google Analytics. Google E-Commerce Pack includes ASP.NET controls for AdSense and Analytics. The AdSense wrapper for ASP.NET provides an easy way to show Google ads on your site wihtout needing to know any javascript, it supports, Text, Images and Text and Images ad types and you can modify the Ads appearance to blend in with your site. The Analytics wrapper for ASP.NET lets you track your web visitors using Google Analytics, register e-commerce transactions witin Google Analytics and easily configure your tracker code to work with Single, Sub or Multiple domains.

Google GEO Pack 2010
Quickly boost the user experience of your website with this Google GEO Pack. Highlights include, Maps Viewer, Geo Drawer, Location Picker and Route. Google Pack is an easy to use Google GEO functionality wrapper for ASP.NET. It includes Google Maps Viewer, Google Maps Route, Google Maps Geo Drawer and Google Location Picker components. Google GEO Pack 2010 is an easy to use Google GEO functionality wrapper for ASP.NET.

Social Bookmarks Professional
Add Web 2.0 content sharing to your site. Social Bookmarks Professional is an ASP.NET control that allows you to add Web 2.0 content sharing to your site. Features provided include; No use of external links, Google Analytics integration, add your own bookmark providers, multi-language support and six ways of presenting social bookmarking icons. Social Bookmarks Professional includes more than 20 social bookmark sites configured and ready to use. You can automatically shorten URLs to fit in small messages (for example: Tweets), Add to Favorites, print page and send to email. Social Bookmarks supports most common web browsers.


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