Dart PowerTCP Sockets for .NET

Dart PowerTCP Sockets for .NET
Dart PowerTCP Sockets for .NET | 7 Mb

PowerTCP Sockets for .NET is an enhanced collection of sockets controls, boasting a newly designed API that is intuitive and easy to use. The new design promotes a Model-View-Controller (MVC) application architecture, so that you may localize your protocol functions and settings to a reusable model class. This library requires fewer resources, provides greater flexibility, elicits code that is easier to re-use and maintain, and is backed by the best technical support in the industry.

Supports .NET 2.0 features including generics, IPv6, and X509 certificates
Supports .NET 4.5 Asynchronous Tasks for TCP and UDP.
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Lightweight, Single Dll typically less than 5% the size of our competitors' bloated dlls
Powerful, scalable Server control
Many code examples and sample applications in C# and VB

Feature-Rich Components

Stream interface enhances ease of integration
TLS & SSL support makes secure communications as easy as a single method call
SOCKS4, SOCKS5, Http proxy support included
Log event simplifies debugging and logging
New IPEndPoint class resolves IPv4 and IPv6 hostnames
Support for Windows applications, services, console and ASP.NET web applications

Scalable Multithreaded Server

Build high-performance server apps that implement any TCP-based protocol
Dedicate a worker thread to each connection or make asynchronous reads using scalable IO completion threads
Client connections are enumerated in a convenient list

Ping, DNS and UDP

UDP component builds on Framework capabilities
MX Record look-up (for resolving mail server names) supplements native DNS class
Resolve host names, IPv4, and IPv6 addresses using a specified DNS server and local endpoint
Ping includes broadcasting capabilities
Ping without admin permissions
Trace routes to discover bottlenecks

Samples and Documentation

Many sample projects for C# and VB.NET, including ASP.NET
Comprehensive MS Help 2.0 and Help Viewer integrated documentation
Stand-alone and online documentation
.NET Framework 4 Client Profile compatible
64-bit OS support


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