Mindscape LightSpeed 5 - .NET ORM - Build # 20140126

Mindscape LightSpeed 5 -  .NET ORM - Build # 20140126
Mindscape LightSpeed 5 - .NET ORM - Build # 20140126 | 65 Mb

Take control of your data with the best domain modelling and object-relational mapping framework for .NET. With a high performance core framework and a visual designer built for rapid development, LightSpeed helps you deliver data‑driven applications more quickly than ever before.

It’s about the data, not the database
Sure, databases lie at the heart of almost every application. But what’s important to your application isn’t the database – it’s the data. With LightSpeed, you design your application model using classes and properties – and that’s how you work with it. LightSpeed takes care of translating between your world of data and the physical world of the database. No complex mapping files, no switching between class design and database design tools – just a seamless integration between your domain model and your database implementation.

The best visual designer of any ORM, anywhere
Get from no code to a working domain model in minutes with the Visual Studio integrated LightSpeed designer. But it doesn’t stop there. With LightSpeed, you can create your database, set up business validation, optimise your database access patterns and much more, all in an easy to use visual environment. Even if your model is too complicated for most visual designers, LightSpeed’s filtered views can tame it for you. And for ultimate power users, you can alter or extend the way LightSpeed creates entities to meet your particular application’s needs. Just compare our designer feature list to our competitors' roadmaps – we think you'll be amazed. Oh, and if you don’t like visual designers? We’ve got your back. It’s easy to write your LightSpeed entities in pure code.

LINQ everywhere
With LINQ, your queries are checked by the compiler and translated to efficient SQL by LightSpeed, eliminating the possibility of SQL errors or SQL injection vulnerabilities, and saving you from having to know the ins and outs of different SQL dialects. With LightSpeed, you can use LINQ portably against SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and other databases, without the need for extra plug‑ins. You tell us what data you want – we’ll take care of the rest.

Simple solutions to real world problems
We know that loading and saving data is only the most basic part of a real world application. For example, you need to make sure that your database schema gets upgraded as your application does. LightSpeed migrations mean you can say goodbye to complex matrices of SQL scripts and replace them with simple, portable code. Or take the details of implementing your application. You need to validate user input. You want to use data binding. You need to allow users to cancel out of their changes. LightSpeed includes a comprehensive validation framework and built-in support for common .NET object editing interfaces.

No performance compromise
LightSpeed is fast. We use advanced optimisation techniques to ensure that your application remains as responsive as possible. LightSpeed also provides ways to tune your data access so that you neither incur unnecessary database queries nor load data that you don’t need. Our benchmarks show LightSpeed to be faster than the Entity Framework or NHibernate.

Time is money
We know there are free object-relational mapping libraries out there. But your time is valuable, and scrimping on tools is a false economy. LightSpeed’s easy learning curve and rapid iteration workflow mean you can get things done more rapidly with LightSpeed than with any of its competitors, free or commercial. And our legendary support means that if you get stuck, you won’t have to wait – we can usually provide guidance, features and enhancements in less than 24 hours.

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