Softgroup .NET Forms Resize 8.0 DC032416

Softgroup .NET Forms Resize 8.0 DC032416
Softgroup .NET Forms Resize 8.0 DC032416 | 2 Mb

Softgroup .Net Forms Resize is a fast, small and lightweight .NET component that gives your applications resolution independence. Softgroup .Net Forms Resize automatically resize all controls and fonts contained in a .Net Windows Form as they are sized.

Softgroup .Net Forms Resize is the most popular and multi award winning .Net component software for:

• Originality, creativity and vision.
• Professional appearance and structure.
• Flexibility through integration across multiple-platforms.
• Leadership in the software sector.
• Faster resize engine.
• No need to write code

To use Softgroup.Net Forms Resize simply add .Net Forms Resize component to the Toolbox window of Microsoft Visual Studio, drag it to your WinForm and became immediately resolution independent !

With Softgroup .Net Forms Resize you can

• Gives your Windows Forms applications resolution independence.
• Keep your controls font/size proportion whenever your forms are resized
• Can be easily implemented to already designed forms with 1 line of code
• Support controls nested inside others
• Resizes fonts as well as the controls themselves
• Ability to specify whether the fonts of the controls will be resized or not both at design and runtime.
• Control resize of docked controls like ToolStrip and StatusStrip.
• Support of standard .Net Windows Form, MDI child and MDI parent Forms.
• Can center form or MDI child over the Desktop or MDI Parent
• Can save/restore your form's last size and position.
• Fast, small and accurate resize engine.


• Code analysis, optimizations and improves to resize engine (20% faster)
• All Events refactoring and standardization
• New method ChangeFormResolution for setting Form resolution at runtime
• Added New BeforeFormResizing event
• Added New AfterFormResizing event
• Fixed a bug with Forms that have ControlBox property sets to False
• New ComboList control: an enhanced resizable DropDownList (ComboBox can’t be resized in height)
• Improved internal font cache now more faster
• Added New DisableFontsCache property
• Improves samples code CS and VB
• Added assemblies compiled for .Net Framework 4.6 and 4.6.1
• Full support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 included Update 1 (all editions)
• Full support for Microsoft Windows 10.

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