Telerik JustCode Q1 2016 SP1 (version 2016.1.1422.2) Retail

Telerik JustCode Q1 2016 SP1 (version 2016.1.1422.2) Retail
Telerik JustCode Q1 2016 SP1 (version 2016.1.1422.2) Retail | 48 Mb

During the real-time, solution-wide code analysis, JustCode automatically finds ToDo items that you can regroup and filter based on your preferences. Items found by the ToDo Navigator are configurable. You can also create new, clone or remove existing item patterns.

JustCode offers a powerful decompiling capability, which enables you to recover lost source code and explore and analyze compiled .NET assemblies without ever leaving Visual Studio. Simply navigate to the definition of any class and reveal the source as if it were in your project.

Solution Explorer Commands

Just Collapse All - collapses all the child items of the currently selected solution, project or folder.
Just Find All Dependent Code - shows all the code that depends on the selected item(s).
Just Format All - formats all the files under the currently selected item using the JustCode formatting options you have set.
Just Clean All - cleans all the files under the selected item using the JustCode formatting options set in the Code Style settings from the Options dialog.

Find Commands

The Find Commands enable you to find and navigate through the code syntax.

Find Inheritors - find and navigate to derived types from a given type.
Find Members Returning Type - find and navigate to members that return a certain type.
Find Members Taking Type - find and navigate to members that take a certain type as a parameter.
Find Overridden Members - find and navigate to overridden abstract, virtual, override or interface members.
Find Overriding Members - helps you find and navigate to overriding abstract, virtual, override or interface members.


JustCode helps you find, highlight and navigate through usages of namespaces, types, method, fields and local variables in your code. The usages commands are:

Find Usages - Quickly locates the places where a certain namespace, type, method, property, field or local variable is used in the solution. Easily distinguish and filter the read and write usages of a given member or variable.

These usages are also highlighted and distinguished in javascript:

Find Extended Usages - helps you locate the places where certain type and its members are used in the solution. Results include usages of its members in the results.
Highlight Usages - highlights the usages of the selected identifier in all files within the solution. JustCode also marks the highlights in the Marker Bar to indicate the relative position of the usage in the file.
Find Unused Members - invoke on a class to instantly locate any class members not used in the solution.
Highlight Usages in File

GoTo Commands
GoTo Commands include:

Go to Definition - quickly navigate to the definition of a class, structure, method, property or various other types of declaration solution-wide.
Go to File - search and navigate to a file within your solution.
Go to Type - search and navigate to a specific type.
Go to Symbol - navigate to any symbol solution-wide.
Go to Member - search and navigate to a member in the current file.
Go to Previous/Next Error - quickly navigate between the errors.
Go to Implementation - invoke on an interface, abstract, virtual method or property invocation to jump directly to its implementations, saving you a number of steps in the process.
Go To Type Of Expression - invoke on an expression to quickly go to its type.

JustCode provides support for LESS dynamic stylesheet language. Support for LESS helps web developers build and style their website projects quickly and easily. Navigation features, refactorings and other options have been added with the LESS support to make LESS development effortless. You can create and use code templates for LESS as well.

Inspection Details
JustCode can provide inspection details for errors and warnings as follows:

Via Tooltip over a highlighted expression. Hover over a highlighted expression with your mouse to get inspection details.
Via Info pop-up. It appears at the bottom when navigating through errors and warnings or when executing the Fix (Alt+Enter) quick fix.
Via Tooltip in the Marker Bar. Hover over a marker in the JustCode Marker Bar to get inspection details.
In the Error List Window. Inspection details are also provided in the Error List Window.

Control Over Errors and Warnings Reporting
JustCode provides the option to disable showing the solution-wide analysis for a given language. You can also exclude specific files--or entire projects--that you don’t want checked for errors and warnings, very useful for designer generated files. Once you have excluded a file or a project, no errors or warnings will be reported.

Errors & Warnings Navigation
The JustCode warnings and errors (called code problems) provide for easier, more intuitive navigation and control. JustCode even provides all the information and options needed to handle errors and warnings in your code. You can easily navigate to the error, change its type or disable quick-fixes. You don’t have to tell JustCode twice - ignoring errors or searching for similar problems in your code has never been easier.

The JustCode analysis engine now detects Razor-specific syntax warnings and errors, in addition to traditional code and markup issues. The accompanying messages will aid you in understanding what went wrong, so corrections can be made.

JustCode checks your CSS code for syntax errors or typo-induced invalid CSS properties or values. These issues can be tough to track down on your own, but with JustCode, you know immediately when there is a problem.

JustCode checks the entire solution on-the-fly for XAML errors and warnings and saves you a lot of time tracking down invalid XAML. For example, when you forget to declare a XAML namespace, or when a dependency property is renamed or removed, JustCode notifies you immediately.

With JustCode, you can easily discover javascript errors and warnings on-the-fly as you type and quickly navigate through these errors and warnings with the Error List window.

JustCode helps with web applications as well. The code analysis engine provides on-the-fly error check and warnings for ASP.NET and HTML. To find these errors with Visual Studio alone, you would need to run your web application, which takes a long time especially for large web sites. Further, you do not get a list of errors, forcing you to figure out HTML errors at run time. With JustCode, you no longer have to run web sites to find issues in HTML or ASP.NET, because errors and warnings are indicated as you type, or as the solution updates.

JustCode is invaluable when working with these languages because you no longer have to compile the solution to find errors. Many compilers will stop analysis as soon as it fails to compile a project, failing to provide a complete and valid list of errors. JustCode, however, will continue analyzing your code after it has encountered an error and will provide a complete list of all errors and warnings. When modifying code, the code analysis engine will show you all errors and warnings almost instantly.

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