Progress UI for ASP.NET MVC R2 2021 SP1 (version 2021.2.616) with Source Code, NuGet and Documentation

Progress UI for ASP.NET MVC R2 2021 SP1 (version 2021.2.616) with Source Code, NuGet and Documentation
Progress UI for ASP.NET MVC R2 2021 SP1 (version 2021.2.616) with Source Code, NuGet and Documentation

Cut development time, while delivering rich, powerful, modern websites and apps. Telerik® UI for ASP.NET MVC offers 70+ jQuery-based components ranging from must-have HTML helpers for every app like Grids, Dropdowns and Menus to advanced line-of-business controls such as Charts, Gantt, Diagram, Scheduler, PivotGrid and Maps.

Despite the variety of built-in functionality the product offers, we continue to release new functionality based on customer feedback three times a year. Feel free to suggest product ideas for the community to vote on in Telerik feedback portal—the more votes your suggestion receives, the higher priority it becomes to introduce into our roadmap.

Telerik ASP.NET MVC components are comprised of Telerik award-winning Kendo UI HTML5/JS widgets and their server-side wrappers for ASP.NET MVC. The wrappers generate the jаvascript and HTML required by the Kendo UI widgets enabling you to use C# to configure them.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC ships the same built-in functionality as Kendo UI, but offers MVC-specific features on top, including:

Server-side data binding and in some cases server-side rendering
Support for unobtrusive validation based on Data Annotation attributes
Visual Studio intellisense for the server-side configuration syntax
Visual Studio Extensions for automatic creation of new applications
Built-in editor templates and more

Mobile Support and Responsiveness
Telerik® UI for ASP.NET MVC saves you time and effort when implementing responsive design practices, because the controls take care of them out-of-the-box or with the change of a single property:

All components render larger clickable areas on small screens and scale proportionately to the container in which they are placed
All components integrate well with grid-layout frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation
The complex and popular components, such as Grid and Scheduler, serve different rendering on small screens to provide optimal user experience

Simple Server-Side Data Binding and CRUD
If you are familiar with server-side programming, it can be hard to work with data in HTML5. Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC makes data binding simple. Use your existing server-side data access technologies to quickly bind data to the UI widgets via our DataSource component. With it, you can define endpoints for read and data editing operations, as well as mappings for requests between .NET and jаvascript.

Conversational UI - Modern UI for Chatbots
The Conversational UI control (aka RadChat) is a new control intended to be used with various chat bot services. Highlights of the features include:

Built-in hero cards
Built-in suggested actions
Built-in simple message and typing indicator
Custom card/attachment templates
Easy connectivity to chat bot services (Azure/Microsoft Bot Framework,, Amazon Lex)

Document Processing
Take advantage of the RadSpreadProcessing, RadSpreadStreamProcessing, RadWordsProcessing, RadPdfProcessing and libraries, which enable the processing of the most common text, spreadsheet, and PDF file formats without having Microsoft Office or other third-party libraries installed. Now application users can create, load and modify documents in a variety of formats including:

Enable your application to seamlessly export and import documents or convert them from one format to another. In addition, the zip library allows you to create and modify archives with variety of compression mechanisms supported, so you can transfer data faster and secure.

Use Bower and NuGet
Popular package management and task automation solutions such as NuGet, Bower and Gulp are made first class citizens in ASP.NET MVC. That means every web developer can use Bower for client packages, NuGet for server packages and Grunt/Gulp for compilation, minification, etc., when building web apps.

UI for ASP.NET MVC takes advantage of these tools by providing a Bower feed for its client scripts, and a NuGet feed, hosted on our NuGet server, for its server wrappers implementation (see this help topic for details). Furthermore, you can build a custom script from the source using Grunt by following these steps.

Built-In, Yet Customizable Themes
Kendo UI widgets can easily be themed and styled via CSS. The framework includes 11 out-of-the-box themes created by Telerik's professional designers, so you can create sleek modern apps without a designer on-hand.

The themes can also help you style normal HTML elements, like buttons and inputs, so all elements on your page look consistent. Simply use the basic CSS classes included in Kendo UI and apply a professional CSS theme to your entire page.

Transforming the ready-made themes to perfectly match your site is also easy when using the ThemeBuilder tool. With the point-and-click configuration wizard, your new themes are ready in a matter of seconds.

Seamless UX Across Browsers
Although based on HTML5, UI for ASP.NET Core makes sure your sites and apps look and work flawlessly across all browsers, while maximizing performance. It uses HTML5 features when available, adds support for them when necessary and provides fine-tuned graceful degradation for others.

The widgets support all major browsers, including: Edge 20+, Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Chrome 21+, Safari 6.2+ (OSX) and Opera 15+.

You Can Bank On
We combine our winning client-side technology and our server-side solutions in price-friendly bundles. jаvascript, ASP.NET, PHP, and JSP – the complete package!

For one low price you get the individual technologies you need for your specific project including our extensive library of components, three major update releases per year, and flexible support options. Value and convenience in one package.

Slash Development Time
Kendo UI and UI for ASP.NET MVC can dramatically reduce the time you spend coding and testing. Our high-quality components drop right into your app providing an enhanced user experience and advanced functionality. Works great and looks great too. Great demos and extensive documentation will get you up and running in no time.
Great demos and excellent documentation are here to get you coding on your specific project within hours.

Buy it as Part of DevCraft
Telerik .NET and Kendo UI jаvascript components and Reporting and Productivity tools enable you to build modern and high-performant apps on any web, desktop or mobile platform—fast. Comes with flexible support options designed to cover your every need.

Optimize your time and budget by taking advantage of our intuitive APIs, thousands of demos with source code availability, comprehensive documentation and a full assortment of VS templates.

UI for ASP.NET MVC R2 2021 SP1 (version 2021.2.616)


Bootstrap Theme Package (v4.35.1)
Default Theme Package (v4.38.1)
Material Theme Package (v3.33.1)


Error during compilation of the kendo.common.less file


Badge typescript declaration in jQuery interface is missing (6139)


Calendar sets aria-selected attribute incorrectly (5434)


For nested Model fields, RadioGroup and CheckBoxGroup helpers generate names for their inputs containing a lower dash (6389)


Column Menu with Component Type "modern" is missing translations for Columns buttons (6387)


DatePicker - readonly method doesn't remove aria-readonly attribute (6445)


Start changes to End Date when using keyboard to select start and mouse to select end (5160)


Kendo draggable's autoscroll does not work with overflow hidden style (4744)
Draggable AutoScroll does not show the top (first) node or show half of the node. (2101)


Editor value() returns empty string when replacing an element with contenteditable="false" (6434)
Editor - two new lines are create on pressing Shift + Enter keys (6159)
Spelling correction leads to DOM change and incompatibility with the fontname tool (5644)
Expose the method Data(string handler) for Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC version for the Editor ImageBrowser (5352)
When deleting with backspace in Editor the fontSize and fontName are incorrectly changed to inherited (4066)


ToolBar captures move and up cancel events on document level (6002)
Breadcrumb in FileManager does not respect custom id in Schema (5798)


Filter messages localization options are missing for wrappers (6388)


Custom view option does not appear in the Gantt DropDownList. (6440)


Tabbing in InCell editable grid with frozen columns is not correct (6412)
Grid Column reordering does not scroll the Grid horizontally. (6398)
Column Menu with Component Type "modern" is missing translations for Columns buttons (6387)
Kendo UI Grid attaches click events to widgets inside its detail template (6358)
data-menu is returning a string instead of a boolean (6296)
The aria-label value of column header is wrong when the column title is not configured (6275)
Not accessible CommandButtons with detail template (5028)
Grid dirty cell indicator is misplaced in RTL mode (1960)
"k-sorted" class is not removed from the "col" element


ListBox does not work with readers (6371)


ListView .Bordered() option not serialized correctly (6384)


Column Menu with Component Type "modern" is missing translations for Columns buttons (6387)


MultiSelect filter accepts only string as value (6435)
MultiSelect doesn't focus the first suggested item of the popup (6385)
Incorrect elements returned by virtualized MultiSelect's DataItems (6231)
MultiSelect with virtualization enabled and mapValueTo: "dataItem" option set returns incorrect item (5317)


MultiViewCalendar does not select correct range when end/start is out of the current view


Notification accessibility support (5406)


Copy/Paste in NumericTextBox with Factor Property outputs wrong number (6307)
Numerictextbox shadow doesn't appear on focus (3977)
NumericTextBox does not allow numbers with commas to be pasted (2773)

PDF Export

kendo pdf uses $ global variable (6189)


PDFViewer HTML helper incorrectly serializes the file's URL if the URL contains ampersand (5628)


Fix Kendo.Mvc.UI.SecurityTrimmingBuilder for MVC PanelBar to return 'this' instead of 'void' (2160)


For nested Model fields, RadioGroup and CheckBoxGroup helpers generate names for their inputs containing a lower dash (6389)


Scheduler Footer is disabled by default (MVC) (5608)


When autoScroll is enabled hint is not shown above the first item (3289)


ToolBar captures move and up cancel events on document level (6002)


Spreadsheet's dataSource change event is not triggered on pasting into a cell (6378)


TextBox has incorrect height in LESS-based themes (6428)
TextBox changes null to empty string (6350)
Unable to change TextBox properties through setOptions method (6110)


Vertical Timeline wrong dot event position when .ShowDateLabels(false) (5629)


ToolBar captures move and up cancel events on document level (6002)


Wrong page number after clearing filter (6309)
TreeList renders an undefined class when the class is specified via the attributes (5437)


Draggable AutoScroll does not show the top (first) node or show half of the node. (2101)


Handle the import of documents with invalid cross-reference table offsets.
Handle the import of documents with invalid Prev cross-reference table offsets.
Handle the import of documents with many trailing zero bytes at its end.
Handle the import of documents containing invalid or empty annotation appearance.
Handle the import of documents with trailing content at its end.
Handle the import of documents containing streams decoded with FlateDecode filter with a Reserved compression method.
Handle the import of documents with invalid/split object definitions.


An InvalidCastException is thrown when importing URI Action with URI property of type PdfHexString.
А NullReferenceException is thrown when importing a document containing an inline image that starts with spaces.
А NullReferenceException is thrown when annotation has appearance state but uses single state appearances.
Text is exported with a wrong encoding when the document contains Simple Font with Differences array.
A NotSupportedException is thrown when opening a document with many zero bytes at its end.
An OutOfMemoryException is thrown when importing a document containing many Path geometries.


An exception is thrown when copying a worksheet that contains a shape.
А NullReferenceException is thrown when importing a scatter chart with only one axis.


Date and Numeric formatting of merge field is not respected.

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