Acronis Cloud Manager (formerly 5nine Cloud Manager) v5.0.20343.1

Acronis Cloud Manager (formerly 5nine Cloud Manager) v5.0.20343.1
Acronis Cloud Manager v5.0.20343.1

Acronis Cloud Manager provides advanced monitoring, management, migration, and recovery for Microsoft Cloud environments of all shapes and sizes, including single and multitenant public, private, and hybrid cloud configurations.

Agentless Management
Lightweight, agentless technology means there’s no need to install additional software on any of your VMs

Role-Based Action Control (RBAC)
Limit which resources can be viewed and what operations can be performed by specific users, administrators, and tenants

Full Virtual Machine (VM) Lifecycle Management
Centrally create, configure, manage, and maintain VMs across your private, public, and hybrid cloud environments

Simplified Networking
Simplify network and topology definitions by configuring network resources from one centralized console, including SDN, virtual switches, and MAC address pools

Dynamic Optimization
Automatically use history data to accurately forecast future performance needs, allowing you to quickly identify future bottlenecks and avoid them before they happen

Configure customizable resource alerts for physical and virtual performance parameter and alerts for native Microsoft event

Get reports on VM lifecycles including VM sprawl, zombie VMs, and static and dynamic memory usage

PowerShell Support
Full support for PowerShell, including providing Command IDs after each operation to make automation easier

Virtualization Security
Built-in network and security monitoring, and user-friendly remote management capabilities eliminate the need for VPNs, remote network access solutions, or complex permission management services

Full-Featured RESTful APIs
Automate tasks and call Acronis Cloud Manager from other management tools – the API covers every feature that can be accessed through the GUI

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