Telerik UI for Xamarin R1 2021 SP1 (version 2021.1.224.480) with .PKG Retail

Telerik UI for Xamarin R1 2021 SP1 (version 2021.1.224.480) with .PKG Retail
Telerik UI for Xamarin R1 2021 SP1 (version 2021.1.224.1) with .PKG Retail

Telerik UI for Xamarin uses the Xamarin.Forms technology, which makes it possible for developers to build native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps from a single shared C# code base. The Telerik Chart and Calendar for Xamarin enables developers to easily implement various charting functionalities in their Xamarin.Forms projects and achieve the same scenarios across platforms using a single shared C# code base.

UI for Xamarin is built on top of the Telerik native controls for iOS and Android to offer Xamarin users truly native UI for their apps. UI for Xamarin capitalizes on the innate benefits of the native UI but exposes all objects and properties in C#, providing “no-compromise” customization and flexibility. The product ships Xamarin wrappers for UI for iOS, Xamarin wrappers for UI for Android and Xamarin.Forms controls (Chart and Calendar are available currently, more are coming).

Telerik Chart for Xamarin.Forms complements the UI controls set available with Xamarin.Forms. The control enables you to easily add various charting scenarios to your shared C# codebase.

Building on the native controls for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, UI for Xamarin offers fast loading, excellent drawing capabilities and pixel-perfectness the quality performance only native code can deliver.

Telerik UI for Xamarin follows an aggressive release schedule, with three releases per year. Our roadmap is customer-driven and very transparent.The Telerik team is dedicated at providing a full range of Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms components so developers can create one-of-a-kind app experiences for their customers. Coming next in February 2015 are ListView for Xamarin.iOS and ListView for Xamarin.Android.

Dedicated support is available directly from the developers who build the suite, even during your trial.To help you get off to a fast start with the controls, we’ve created extensive online documentation.

UI for Xamarin R1 2021 SP (version 2021.1.224.480)


[Android] Java.Lang.IllegalArgumentException is thrown when loading the appointments source.
[iOS] InvalidCastException is thrown when switching to Flow mode.
[iOS] The UI freezes when setting ViewMode to Flow only in Xamarin.Forms.
[UWP] Month names do not use the current culture when setting TitleCellStyle.
[UWP] Title Text is not updated when going from MonthView to DayView and TitleCellStyle is set.
[UWP] TitleCell text is not updated when TitleCellStyle and DisplayDate are applied.
[UWP] ViewMode is not updated when it gets changed from the UI of native control.


[Android] An exception is thrown when resetting numeric axis with Maximum smaller than the previous axis' Minimum.
[Android] Project could not be compiled when the latest version of Xamarin.Google.Android.Material is referenced.
[iOS] Legend does not measure correctly when its VerticalOptions is not Fill.
[iOS][Android]Setting Vertical/Horizontal Options to Center causes the legend to disappear.


[iOS] DataGrid stays in memory after leaving the page.
The edited value is not committed when the DataGrid loses focus while in edit mode.


Added MaxLength property.
Added support for read only mode.


[iOS] ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown in a specific scenario when the control is grouped.
[iOS] ReorderItemStyle and PressedItemStyle are not applied to RadListView items when SelectionMode is None.
[iOS] TextCellTextColor of PressedItemStyle is not applied.


Added an option for setting the virtual keyboard.


[iOS][UWP] Selecting and inserting symbols in the input field does not work correctly.
[UWP] IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown after deleting the whole mask and typing something.
[Android] An exception is thrown when long tap is performed on Samsung devices.


[UWP] Decimal separator clears the input.


Introduced mechanism for loading custom font files when importing TrueType fonts.
Handled import of documents containing Outlines (Bookmarks) containing Actions with an empty dictionary.


Standard fonts do not respect font style and font weight when the original font is not found.
ArgumentException is thrown when merging a document containing Link annotation without action or destination.
NullReferenceException is thrown when parsing an object stream that contains endObj keyword.
Paragraph bullets are not painted as dots.
IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when importing a document containing a specific image encoded with JBIG2Decode.
First level bullets are not visible.


Bullets and their paragraphs are imported with wrong indentation from RTF.


[UWP] DrawerLocation cannot be changed dynamically.


Exported CSV should have an extra comma-separated field in place of empty cells.


The TabColor is lost on import/export scenario and in case it is set in the code.


[UWP] DataGrid in the first tab is not shown initially.


Introduced support for Run properties as part of the Structured Document Tag properties.


Image size is not respected when importing HTML.
ArgumentException is thrown when importing invalid font sizes from DOCX.
Bullets are not exported correctly to PDF.
Floating image is positioned incorrectly when exporting to PDF in some cases when the image is added right after a run.
Empty paragraphs height is lower than expected in PDF export scenarios.

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