Addict 4.7 Pro SpellCheck

Addict 4.7 Pro SpellCheck
Addict 4.7 Pro SpellCheck

Addict is a professional native VCL component suite that provides end-to-end solutions for adding spelling check and thesaurus support to your applications.

Addict SpellCheck 4.7 Pro
Addict PlusPack 4.7

The Addict component suite includes many components and routines, but the core of its functionality is:

Live-Spelling Menu
Spelling Check - The timeless dialog-based process of checking text, suggesting replacements for misspelled words and allowing a user to act upon each potential problem.
Live-Spelling - A slightly more modern solution of identifying misspelled words with wavy red underlines and allowing a user to act upon each identified problem with a context menu.
Thesaurus - The ability for a user to lookup a word, examine its synonyms and choose an appropriate replacement.
API - A complete set of APIs allowing for text parsing, dictionary lookup, text corrections, misspelling suggestions, thesaurus contexts and more.

addict plus pack
While the Addict Component Suite comes with everything you need to use dictionaries and perform a spelling check, the Addict Plus Pack comes with everything you need to create and manage dictionaries. The core functionality included in the Plus Pack is:

Dictionary Compilation Component - A class that can be used to build a dictionary for integration into your own application or utilities. Full source and a demo application is included for this class.
Dictionary Wizard - The plus pack includes a copy of our Dictionary Wizard application (also available separately). This allows new dictionaries to be built, existing dictionaries to be edited, dictionaries to be reviewed and combined and many other functions.
Thesaurus Builder - An application that can be used to build a new thesaurus for use with Addict's thesaurus component.
Custom Dictionary Import / Export Utility - A simple utility with source demonstrating how to work with custom dictionaries. The utility enables the import / export of custom dictionary wordlists and auto-correct lists.

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