ShellBrowser Delphi Components v11.2 for Delphi 10.4 Sydney

ShellBrowser Delphi Components v11.2 for Delphi 10.4 Sydney
ShellBrowser Delphi Components v11.2 for Delphi 10.4 Sydney

ShellBrowser Delphi Components imitate functions known from the Windows Explorer. This includes context menus, left and right pane of Explorer windows, thumbnails, virtual folders and shell extensions. Use the ShellBrowser Delphi Components and get easy access to the Windows Shell functionality!

Enhance Your Delphi Application with Drop-in Shell Functionality

Includes a comprehensive set of visual and non-visual components for Delphi and C++ Builder.
Create Explorer-like applications within minutes with JamShellTree, JamShellList, JamShellCombo and JamShellBreadCrumbBar.
Easy drop-in: Just drop the UI components right on your own forms or dialogs.
Use checkboxes with TJamShellTree, TJamShellList, TJamFileList and TJamDriveList.
Icons and thumbnails are queried in background threads. This optimizes the reactivity and does not slow down the speed of the user interface.
The TJamFilePreview component integrates the preview pane (introduced with Windows Vista) in your application. TJamShellChangeNotifier informs you about relevant shell events.

Look-and-Feel of the Windows Explorer

TJamExplorerBrowser provides a complete, configurable Windows Explorer view.
Windows Shell context menu (can be extended with a Delphi popup menu).
OLE drag-and-drop with the Windows Explorer and similar applications.
Different view styles: TJamShellList and TJamFileList support small icons, large icons, extra large icons, details mode and thumbnails.
Overlay icons supported.
Installed Shell extensions, which are supported by the Windows Explorer, are also supported by the ShellBrowser Delphi Edition.
Background context menu in TJamShellList is supported.

100% Delphi Code - Transparent Costs

The controls are based on the Delphi VCL and are written in 100% Object Pascal code, no additional DLLs or ActiveX controls are necessary.
The ShellBrowser Delphi Edition is royalty free and involves no runtime fees.

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