CBFS Connect 2020 v20.0.7452 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney

CBFS Connect 2020 v20.0.7452 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney
CBFS Connect 2020 v20.0.7452 for Delphi 6 - 10.4 Sydney

A powerful library that allows you to create and manage virtual filesystems in your Windows applications. CBFS Connect allows you to present any data source as a fully-featured Windows filesystem—be it database records, local or remote files, dynamically-generated content, or anything in-between. Without writing a single line of driver code, you'll be able to expose your data as just another drive full of files and folders, making it easy for users to view and interact with, and giving other applications the ability to access and manipulate it via standard file APIs.

Comprehensive Features for Maximum Flexibility

Create Robust Filesystem Implementations
CBFS Connect's performant, event-driven design lets your application manage every aspect of your virtual filesystem's operation. You'll get from "idea" to "implemented" quickly and easily thanks to its consistent API and extensive documentation.
Leverage Any Data Source
You have total control over the contents of your virtual filesystem, so you can use any data source your application has access to. It can be local or remote, database records or REST services, static or dynamically-generated, or something else entirely.
Modify Remote Data On-the-Fly
Easily handle use-cases that require on-the-fly modification of remote data, such as client-side encryption. The alterations take place within the virtual filesystem, so they're completely transparent to end-users.
Enforce Custom Access Restrictions
Only your application knows the real location of your data, so you can create and enforce your own permission schemas specifying which users and third-party applications can access, view, or modify it.
Simple Deployment
The simplified deployment scheme eliminates architecture detection and potential errors. A single CAB file contains all of the drivers and Helper DLLs that are necessary for driver installation.
Advanced Funcitonality
Support for many advanced features including named streams, directory change notifications, reparse points, fsctl requests, hard links, quotas, file IDs, short file names, Plug-n-Play, custom disk icons, and more!
Flexible Mounting Options
Includes support for network mounting points, session-local mounting points, and UNC paths. Mount disks as fixed or removable. Multiple mounting points per disk are supported.
Granular Control
Fine grained user access control supports advanced security requirements. Optimize for specific implementations with per-file and per-handle context objects, and in-memory or disk caching options.
Utilize NTFS Security Features
CBFS Connect supports all standard NTFS security mechanisms, allowing you to easily secure the contents of your virtual filesystem.
Port FUSE-Based Applications
Quickly port Linux, FreeBSD, or macOS applications based on the FUSE filesystem to the Windows platform.

Native Delphi Components
Native Delphi components with no external dependencies, based on the same high-performance codebase as our other editions. The natural choice for Delphi programming.

Delphi VCL components built atop our high-performance shared codebase.
Extensive Delphi demo applications.
Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
Supports Embarcadero Delphi 6, 7, 2005 - 2010, and RAD Studio XE through 10.4; plus Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal.
Supports Windows Vista / Server 2008 and later.

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