HTML Component Library v4.2 for D5-D10.4 Sydney Cracked

HTML Component Library v4.2 for D5-D10.4 Sydney Cracked
HTML Component Library v4.2 for D5-D10.4 Sydney Cracked

HTML Component Library is a cross-patform and 100% native HTML rendering library for Delphi and Lazarus that brings all the power of HTML/CSS into desktop and mobile Delphi applications.

Unlike other «HTML-like» libraries it is based on powerful HTML/CSS rendering core with full support of HTML 4.1 and CSS 3 (some of HTML 5 tags are also supported). Tables, shadows, transitions, animations, SVG images, tranforms and much more.

No DLL’s, no ActiveX, no third party libraries dependencies, only pure native Delphi code.

Library supports all Delphi versions from ancient Delphi 5 to Delphi 10.3.2 Rio. For Delphi XE4 - Delphi 10.3.2 Rio all FMX platforms are supported - Win32/64, OSX, Android, iOS and Linux.

Linux GUI is supported with FMXLinux library and in Lazarus

Unicode (including Right-to-Left) is supported even for non-unicode Delphi 5 - 2007 using widestrings and TNT Unicode library.

Updates for new Delphi versions are released in one week (max) after Delphi release.

Library core contains:

HTML parser with full support of HTML standard and ability to handle incorrect markup. It was tested on thousands of real-world emails so missed closed tags and incorrect tag order is not a problem. Also it is currently fastest native HTML parser for Delphi.
XML Parser with XPath support.
CSS parser with CSS 3 support.
DOM classes with JQuery support.
SVG rendering library.
HTTP client with native implementation for Windows and OSX and https support.
HTML rendering core.
Set of rendering canvases (GDI, GDI+, Direct2D, FMX, Android, iOS, OSX, Linux (Lazarus), Meta, Plain Text)
Set of HTML-enabled VCL controls including Label, Panel, ListBox, ComboBox, Tabs, CheckBox, RadioButton, SpeedButton, PopupMenu, ComboListBox, Virtual Tree, CategoryButtons, BalloonHint.
Powerful cross-platform scripting engine
Bundle also contains
Email framework
SQL framework
HTML rendering class is separated from drawing class so you can choose between available drawing classes or write your own. Currently library contains GDI, GDI+ and Direct2D canvases for VCL (All Delphi versions and Lazarus), FMX canvas for FMX Win32/64, iOS, Android and OSX and also native Android, iOS and OSX canvases.

Library core is heavily optimized and extremely fast. Parsing speed is about 100Mb/s so parsing of typical 100Kb document takes only 1ms. Style and layout calculations takes additional 20ms for 100Kb document.

Using of native canvas on Android provides smooth scrolling and zoom similar to native Android applications (much better than FMX controls) and correct text rendering with full RTL support, kerning pairs and baseline alignment.

How to use
Drop THtPanel on form and set it’s HTML property. That’s all you have to do to get HTML viewer with automatic scrollbars, build-in zoom support (Ctrl+Wheel or zoom gesture), gestures support for both VCL and FMX, picture loading (from file or internet) with BMP, JPEG, PNG, ICO and GIF support, hints (HTML title attribute) animations and transitons (for elements with :hover or :active styles).

To simply draw HTML on Canvas write

Doc := THtDocument.Create;
Doc.Draw(Canvas, Rect);

Why do I need it?
VCL and FMX contains a lot of powerful controls with many features. But what if you need something non-standard, for example put an image into listbox item?

Of course writing OnDraw event handler and using canvas methods is a simplest way... as long as image is not placed inside the text and text not contains several lines and some formatting. With HTML enabled list box you can just add Some text with formatting and image

How many lines of code is neccesary to draw simple rounded rectangle with shadow and gradient? Or tiled background image Or symbol table Changing HTML property could turn simple Panel into this

ANN HTML Library 4.2 released



Completely new CSS subsystem - faster and less memory.
MathML support.
Compatibility with Lazarus 2+.
FMX: Hints support.
Animated GIFs for FMX (all platforms) and VCL Delphi 5+.
CSS columns support.
CSS tabs support.
Improved recovering of incorrect tag order.
Added :only-of-type selector
DX canvas: added support for rotated arcs in paths.
THtImageListSource now works with ImageList on data module.


Format painter button.
Clear formatting button.
Columns button
Math equation editor.
Adding ability to combine two adjacent lists by pressing Del
DOCX import: added support for math equations.


FastReport FMX component
ReportBuilder component
SQL: ConvertWheretoJoins now can reorder tables.
Compatibility with VTV 6.7



Value none was processed incorrectly for max-width/max-height
Incorrect document position when using native iOS canvas and non-zero offset.
Incorrect processing of multiple fonts in font-family.
Incorrect layout when absolute element has inline containing block.
SVG: correct processing path 'a' command with sibling flags with no divider.
GDI canvas issue when SVG use clip path.
FMX: fixed SVG elements position when using viewbox
Vertical placement of inline blocks
Artifacts when using native Android canvas on some resolutions.


DOCX import: fixed superscript style
'Pop from empty editor stack' error.
AV when deleting selection
Eempty list item cannot be deleted.
Style is not applied to selected cells when selection is reverced (from bottom to top)
Delimiter is added to first word causing incorrect spell checking
AV when pressing space at endf of line after changing text style
Selection is incorrect after applying text transform


Scripter: AV when registering class having same name as record helper.
Scripter: incorrect call to parent method when using inherited property.
Wrong target in script drag events.
FastReport: HTML is exported to PDF as image

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