FlyTreeViewPro Suite for Delphi 10.4 Sydney Full Source

FlyTreeViewPro Suite for Delphi 10.4 Sydney Full Source
FlyTreeViewPro Suite for Delphi 10.4 Sydney Full Source

100% Delphi VCL suite FlyTreeView Pro represents the fastest tree/grid/list technology available on the VCL (Delphi/C++ Builder) components market. FlyTreeView Pro is a powerful and flexible control that will help you create faster and more convenient applications.

What is difference between FlyTreeView and FlyTreeViewPro?

Supports more than 45 types of in-place editors PLUS your custom format (instead of mask editor)!
4 types of input helpers - manual, spin, ellipsis button, dropdown list/tree/grid (custom editors, calculator, calendar, PicturePreview coming soon)
PLUS - new generation editor that supports editing of more than 40 types of data and data combinations.
PLUS - PropertiesTree Pro - more convenient runtime properties editor.
Brief overview:
Brief overview: Blazing fast: Add/Sort/Clear more than 100,000 nodes in less than 0.5 sec.
Get several controls in one: fast, powerful and flexible OCX-control for representing grid-like and hierarchical data, replacement for more than 30 controls in bound/unbound/combined mode.
True 32-bit: break up MS CommCtrl barrier of 64k visible nodes - each node in FlyTreeX can hold HUGE arrays of sub-nodes. The only limit is the amount of your physical memory!
Combined Tree/Grid functionality: you can program FlyTreeX by using standard Grid methods (Row, Col, Cell) or TreeView methods (Node, Nodes).
Fully Customizable at design and run time: you can access the properties dialog of FlyTreeX at runtime by adding a single line of code.
RightToLeft support: with FlyTreeX you can develop your applications for Middle Eastern countries.
Easy Printing: you can draw any array of cells on another canvas.
Background wallpaper: smart drawing scrollable wallpaper on large arrays of data without creation of a huge background bitmap.
Columns: Moveable, Clickable columns which can be hidden or shown; supports colored titles and fonts.
Smart logic: supports checked/optioned/combined trees and provide smart technology of auto-switching checkboxes and OptionButtons.

Package includes:
FlyTreeView Pro
PropertiesTree Pro
Polymorphic TreeCollection

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