FIBPlus 7.7 for D10.4 Sydney Full Source

FIBPlus 7.7 for D10.4 Sydney Full Source
FIBPlus 7.7 for D10.4 Sydney Full Source

FIBPlus is a library designed for developers of database applications. Since the beginning of development of this product, Devrace wanted to work in accordance with the needs and wishes of the developers. The components, methods, or properties are there to solve problems and perform the most common tasks.

Its strengths:

Features and unique components.
Complete support of all current and future features of Firebird and Interbase.
The best implementation for the Master-Detail of the mechanism.
Control of flexible and easy transactions.
Full support for third party tools.
A high level of performance, and actual profitability.
Features design tools and graphics editors.
Allows visual data manipulation.
perfect and complete connection management.
Use together different version of InterBase and Firebird, using different DLLs for each client connection.
You now have total control over sorting locally
Performance has been improved in the case of the slowest connections (eg modem)
And even more....

Using FIBPlus in your applications, you get a number of important benefits, such as:
Supports all versions of InterBase starting with 4.0, Firebird 1.0 (including Embedded Firebird)
Applications on FIBPlus do not require installation of additional software (BDE drivers, ODBC, etc.) other than the client server software (gds32.dll, fbclient)
Compatible with all standard and third-party db-visual components and report generators (TDBEdit, TDBGrid, TDBChart, ... , InfoPower, DevExpress, EhLib, IntraWeb, ASTA, FastReport, QuickReport, Report Builder, Context Database Designer, TMS Scripter Studio, TMSAdvDBGrid , DataAbstract, Fast Query Builder, Rave Report, Rubicon, Jazmine (JCW) ...)
Improved performance in comparison with analogues. In particular, TpFIBDataSet running 30-40% faster TIBDataSet in IBX, uses 60-70% less memory and works 3-4 times faster with lookup-fields.
Optimization of data exchange . FIBPlus contains a number of tools to reduce network traffic, such as caching metadata operations with the records in the local cache without contacting the server, packing of BLOB-fields with the help of the local BLOB-filters, re-use queries avtomodifikatsiya updateable query, etc.
Unique features : repository settings fields, queries, error messages; centralized handling of exceptions, Unicode support, and much more.

FIBPlus is perfectly compatible with any component linked to a database (TDBEdit, TDBGrid, TDBChart, ..., InfoPower, DevExpress, EhLib, IntraWeb, ASTA, ...). You can also use it with any report generators: QuickReport, FastReport, Report Builder ...

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