nrComm Lib Pro v9.54 Full Source for Delphi 10.3 Rio

nrComm Lib Pro v9.54 Full Source for Delphi 10.3 Rio
nrComm Lib Pro v9.54 Full Source for Delphi 10.3 Rio

The nrComm Lib is set of Delphi VCL components, classes and routines for serial communication tasks. Library helps to get access to various devices: serial port, data and voice modems, barcode scanners, Human Interface Devices (HID), Bluetooth, USB, LPT, GSM, GPS and others. It provides solution for quick implementation almost any packet data protocol. It can work with sound and speech. Library allows send SMS messages over connected mobile phone (GSM terminal) and much more.

nrComm Lib evolving since 1999 year. Latest release supports most oldest and newest Delphi/CBuilder versions. Our project is always in progress and our team will include into product new features for support modern device interfaces and system API.

RS232 (serial) port
The TnrComm component is designed for work with serial port (RS232) connection.It includes properties and methods which makes easy the serial port configuring and communication.

Some of most popular features of nrComm Lib serial port solution are listed below:

detecting detail information about available serial ports;
correct working with virtual (removable) serial ports (USB, BT and etc.);
synchronous/asynchronous I/O operations with serial port;
configuring the serial port properties in run time;
configuring the serial port using the standard Windows dialog;
monitoring the miscellaneous events;
property Terminal:TCustomEdit You can make a simple terminal control very easy and quickly. All typed symbols will be sent to the port and all received will be shown by the Terminal control.
property DataProcessor You can use TnrDataProcessor, TnrGsm or TnrZModem components to implement an extended data processing.
property Log You can use TnrLogFile component for the logging of the port states.
… and some more.

The TnrGsm component is designed for interactive with GSM device - like mobile phone connected to serial port or Bluetooth. It supports most key features of GSM 07.07 specification and includes some properties, methods and events which make easy the gsm device communication.

Some of most popular features are listed below:

read and send SMS;
Alert/Flash SMS support;
notification event on new SMS;
notification event on incoming RING with Caller ID;
access to items of phonebooks;
various information about GSM device: IMEI, version, manufacturer, memory and battery state and so on;
component can be used as DataProcessor for TnrComm and TnrBT components of library
Log property. Logging events in TnrLogFile component.
… and some more.
You can download GSM Demo project of nrComm Lib and take a look the possibilities of this component.
GSM Demo sources

Also TnrGsm component and other classes of nrComm Lib are used in MyGsm Pro application.

Welcome to our tech support forum if you need more info.

Supported devices
nrComm Lib gsm solution supports various mobile phones and GSM/GPRS/3G terminals. TnrGsm component includes INF drivers for most well know vendors and devices:

SIEMENS models: MC35i, TC35i, MC75, A65 and others.
Nokia models: 6120, 6230, 6100, 5310, NSE-5, CS-10, CS-xx and others.
Sony Ericsson models: W810, K750, K618, K660, T630, T6xx and others.
Samsung model: SGH-C120 and others.
Huawei models: E220, E156G, E1550 and others.
WAVECOM MODEM, iWOW TR-800, Novatel Ovation MC950D and others.
If you do not see your device model in the list, you can download GSMDemo and try different GSM drivers. Possible your device is compatible with existing solutions. If you do not get successful result, we can add new corrected gsm driver for support your device.

nrComm Lib provides easy and quick solutions for enumerate and control USB devices. It gets detail info about installed USB devices and has methods for basic I/O operations with USB pipes.

Library offers two different API's for access to usb device I/O operations:

Over nrUsb lightweight sys driver.
Over WinUSB API that is supported by latest versions of Microsoft Windows (Windows XP and later.)
Both solutions contain kernel signed drivers and can be used on x64 platfomrs without any problems. Library includes components for quick and easy deployment and instalaltion needed driver on target usb device.
Please note that you can use our tech support forum for find more info or ask question. Forum contains special board: USB board.

nrComm Lib contains Delphi demo project that demonstrates USB possibilities on special deivice OSR FX Learing Kit. Demo allows change and read states of device, makes I/O operation. It can install WinUSB drivers on selected device. It works correctly on x86 and x64 Windows versions.

HID (Human Interface Device)
The TnrHid component is designed for working with HID (Human Interface Device) devices. It allows access to various joisticks, gamepads and remote controllers. Usual needed HID drivers are included into Windows and you do not spend your time for install drivers and TnrHid can work immediately. Also some USB chips allow access to them over HID api and it simplifies project development too.

Some of our most significant features are listed below:

enumeratation available HID devices;
I/O operations;
monitoring incoming data;

The TnrBT component supports the Bluetooth Windows API. It includes the some properties, methods and events which makes easy the configuring and communication the bluetooth devices.

Some of our most popular features are listed below:

enumeration the bluetooth adapters (radios);
enumeration the bluetooth devices;
enumeration the services of bluetooth devices;
synchronous/asynchronous read/write operations with connected bluetooth device;
configuring the BT device properties in run time;
select, search and configuring the BT device by using the standard Windows dialog;
Terminal property. It can work easy with terminal control.
DataProcessor property. It can use TnrDataProcessor, TnrZModem or TnrGsm component together with connected BT device.
Log property. Logging events in TnrLogFile component.
… and some more.

ASTM protocol
The TnrAstm component implements ASTM message transfer protocol between clinical or laboratory instruments and computer systems.
General features are listed below:

Supports both directions. Allows read and send information packets;
CRC control
Separates and concatenates long data records on 240-length data frames.
Can be used togehter with RS232, Bluetooth, HID, USB or network socket connection.

Modbus protocol
The nrComm Lib provides component for communication with Modbus connected devices. It allows to implement industrial software solutions for control various devices and reading remote sensors.

Key features:

Read register;
Writing register values;
Polling registers with multi addresses support;
RTU and ASCII modes;
Serial port communication over RS232 or RS485 line;
Modbus TCP support;
Master or Slave modes;
Simple statistic of device polling;
Speed estimation of polling;

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