DIFileFinder 6.11.1 for D6 - Delphi 10.3 Rio Cracked

DIFileFinder 6.11.1 for D6 - Delphi 10.3 Rio Cracked
DIFileFinder 6.11.1 for D6 - Delphi 10.3 Rio Cracked

DIFileFinder is collection of Delphi components to search the file system for files and or folders matching (or not matching) particular attributes and / or name patterns. Pattern syntax includes standard wildcards as well as full Perl compatible regular expressions. DIFileFinder supports inclusion as well as exclusion filters.

A Faster Approach to Find Files
Unlike most file finder components, DIFileFinder does not use events nor does it build lengthy file lists. Instead, it reports back to the application a single file or folder at a time only. This approach ensures a maximum of flexibility using a minimum of resources. Simply call the TDIFileFinder.Next method each time another file entry is required. It returns True for each file found, and the application can then query the TDIFileFinder component about the file details.

Search Options
Full folder recursion is provided, and directories can be skipped at any time to avoid recursion if not required. DIFileFinder features filters for files, folders, all file attributes (include and exclude) plus full path and file name filters.

Descendant components may implement their own filtering mechanism by simply overwriting the Validate method.

DIFileFinder 6.11.1 – 30 Oct 2019
Delphi compilers with support for the inline directive (starting with Delphi 2005) failed to compile DIFileFinder *.bpl packages for the Demo and Commercial editions. They generated a “[dcc32 Fatal Error] DIUtils: F2051 Unit DIContainers was compiled with a different version of DIUtils.StrSameIW”. Regular *.exe applications compiled without problems. The DIFileFinder Source Code also compiled to both *.bpl packages and *.exe applications with no problems.

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