FastReport VCL Enterprise v6.5.0 Delphi 7 - Delphi 10.3.3 Rio Full Source

FastReport VCL Enterprise v6.5.0 Delphi 7 - Delphi 10.3.3 Rio Full Source
FastReport VCL Enterprise v6.5.0 Delphi 7 - Delphi 10.3.3 Rio Full Source

FastReport VCL is an add-on component for generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReport provides all the tools necessary for developing reports, including a visual report designer, a reporting core, and a preview window. RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo. Report generator FastReport VCL is a modern solution for integrating Business Intelligence in your software. It has been created for developers who want to use ready-made components for reporting. FastReport VCL, with its simplicity of use, convenience and small distribution size is able to provide high functionality and performance on almost any modern PC.

Fast and reliable engine for report production
Yes, that is what heavy corporate reporting requires! FastReport is specifically optimized for speed and every day proves itself on heavy workloads in real businesses! If your clients want to get reports quickly - then they just need FastReport!
These are the capabilities of just report production engine:
Band-oriented report generator. A wide range of band types allows the creation of any kind of report
Code-based reports
Multi-page and multi-template reports
Cross-tabs allow creation of tabular reports with complex row and column headers from a single dataset, either a table or a query. (For full OLAP reports, we suggest you use FastReport OLAP instead)
Interactive reports
And all of these features can be combined in a single report!
Report designer
Powerful modern editor which includes a large set of tools for visually designing and modifying report templates
Can be incorporated into your application to give users their own report design!
Clean and simple classic interface - business users like to work with the designer straight away, without taking six months of orientation!
Report Wizard - even easier than using the visual designer - step by step report creation!
Separate tabs for "Design", "Data" and "Code" - a full-featured report development environment!
We place great importance on the protection of your data.
Source code. Professional and Enterprise Editions of the product include all the source code for FastReport. This is very beneficial for companies that want to adapt the product to their own special needs. Avoid �rogue’ components and be in full control of all your software code, giving you absolute security!
Reports only have access to data specified by your application and data can be made read only
Encrypted templates and reports (by Rijndael-like algorithm). Data can protected by a secure document password
Web-based reports support the use of secure channels

and Interactivity
Built-in script shell that supports 4 languages: PascalScript, C++ Script, BasicScript and JScript
Interactive forms, drill-down (drop) reports, call another report with detailed information from the preview window with one mouse click
Flexible and open architecture. If FastReport doesn’t do enough for you, you can enhance it by creating and connecting your own objects (export filters, functions and database engines) to your reports
Inheritance of report templates
Reports can be independent of your application, so the application does not require recompilation when a user requires changes in a report
Any kind of data.
FastReport supports many libraries for database access: FireDAC, ADO, BDE, DBX, IBX and FIBPlus, so providing access to practically all databases, including Oracle and many third-party libraries
Data generated within your application
Passing out of both static and dynamic records
International localization
UNICODE. Reports can use any language in the world, and even multiple languages simultaneously, maintaining true internationality!
The FastReport interface is localized for fourteen languages
The file format allows reports to be translated at a local level
Documentation and help files are available in English, German, Polish and Russian.

Version 6.5
* Improved interface of the "DataTree", "Object Inspector" and "Classes Tree" in the report designer. Added toolbars with fast action buttons and filter of data.
+ Added RichView.FileLink property - use it to load RTF files at prepare-time (can be used to reduce memory using for big RTF)
+ Added Colums property for GS1 Databar ES barcode
+ Added PageFooter.PrintOnSinglePage property - override behavior of PrintOnLastPage/PrintOnFirstPage when the page is Last and First at the same time.
+ Added ReportSummary.PrintAtBottom property - allows to print report summary at the bottom of the page
+ Added PostScript export filter
+ Added PPML export filter
* Updated convertes from RB and QR
- Fixed GS1 Databar ES barcode for special case (odd count of modules)
- Fixed GS1 Databar barcode for smooth height changing in the report designer
- Fixed wrong behavior of Processing property with DetailPage
- Fixed line break in PDF export under Windows 10 x64
- Fixed loading of OSM maps with '`' sign
- Fixed dialog Form in HIDPI called from preview (ClentHeight/ClientWidth serialized with scaled values)
- Fixed designer flickering at show
- Fixed report options dialog printer list icons
- Fixed print dialog printer list icons
- Fixed Codewindow font size when save designer settings
* Changes in LoadPreferences interface, added second parameter as Def settings container
* Reduced fields updating in Master-Detail link. Updates only when fields list changed (Some DS like DBX recreates fields).
- Fixed Esc key pressing when TfrxDateEditControl expanded
- Fixed bug with incorrect size of CellularTextObject
- Improved RichView synchronization in multi-thread environment
- TfrxPreviewForm.FFilterList moved to constructor/destructor (for custom inheritors)
- Fixed layer's internal dataset in the Map editor
- Fixed Indy transport for 465, 587 port
- Fixed designer's Color Selection dialog in the D2009
- Fixed rotated EAN13 barcode
- Fixed exporting of FONT COLOR tag to PDF
- Fixed ODF default values
- Fixed Arial font spaces in the PDF export
- Fixed rotation of the image inside RichView in SVG export
- [Lazarus] Fixed designer's scaling
- [Lazarus] Fixed text split in memo object
- Fixed Aztec multiline text
- Fixed embedded files in PDF export
- Fixed memory leaks in the LazChart
- Fixed Aztec barcode with umlaut characters
- Fixed QR barcode QuietZone
- Fixed cross-tab changing when AutoWidth = False
- Fixed Emf -> Pdf with KeepAspectRatio
- Fixed restoring of the current tab during debugging
- Fixed TfrxDMPMemoView bounds in the PDF export
- Fixed exporting of fsAltDot frame line style in the PDF export
- Fixed C++ Builder compatibility
[6.4.7 - 6.4.9]
- Fixed division by zero in the PDF export
[6.4.4 - 6.4.6]
- Fixed wrong behavior of Table object with vertical bands
- Fixed FIB connection form
- Fixed TfrxMailExport when it cancelled
- Fixed AV when set TfrxCustomExportFilter.ShowDialog in OnBeginExport event
- Fixed EAN13 barcode drawing
- Fixed Underlines with LineSpacing printing
- Fixed Invalid ImageList error

Version 6.4
+ Added support of HiDpi interface(DpiAware, Per-Monitor V1, Per-Monitor V2 modes)
+ Added initial support for Lazarus (Engine, Designer, Preview, Export filters: HTML, HTML5, RTF, DBF, CSV, ODS, ODT, XML, PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX)
+ Added new GS1 Databars barcodes
+ Added new export filter to ZPL (Zebra printer) format
+ Added support of HTML5 in TfrxReportServer component
+ Added AllowMirrorMode property to control RTL of selected objects when mcmOnlyAllowed used in Page.MirrorMod
+ Added support for VeraPDF validation in PDFA export
* Optimized 2D barcodes draw/print
* Improved Cross.NextCross mechanism with DownThenAcros (now column band of NextCross shouldn't overlap)
* Improved converters from other report generators (ConverterQR2FR, ConverterRB2FR modules)
* Reworked PDF and SVG exports output
* Improved export of HTML tags in SVG export
* Improved ToNRowMode and now works with MultiColumn data band and Subreport with PrintOnParent
* Improved 2D barcodes to support escape symbols
- Fixed Code tab activation after script debugging
- Fixed Underlines with LineSpacing
- Fixed export of font names in the PPTX export
- Fixed TfrxMemoView.Underlines error
- Fixed TfrxPrintOptions.Printer value when printer changed
- Fixed font table in the RTF export
- Fixed ConfigFileName in the TfrxReportServer
- Fixed export of hyperlinks to protected PDF
- Fixed AV in the TfrxPreview
- Fixed ParagraphGap for rotated text
- Fixed OpenAfterExport for SeparateFiles = True
- Fixed bad position when insert new event handler in code editor
- Fixed wrong clipping in preview when Clipped=false
- Fixed wrong order of components in inherited reports
- Font dialog does not set charset anymore for D2009 and above
- Fixed sheet name encoding in the XLSX export
- Fixed bug when DetailPage(Hyperlink) contains cross bands (bands were not shown).
- Fixed bug in PDF export with transparency in Picture object and KeepAspectRatio property
- Fixed Clipping of memo object in SVG export
- Fixed SVG image with transparency in PDF export
- Fixed barcode output (fixed offset for 1px of text fill and added gradient fill) .
- Fixed additional + 1 pixel in PDF export images. Causes empty lines.
- Fixed RTL text in PDF export
- Fixed Fonts in PDFA export
- Fixed PrintScale printing mode
- Fixed Engine.CurY position after crosstab with DownThenAcross
- Fixed bug with aggregates when KeepHeader and KeepFooter are active and header moved to next page
- Fixed bug with keep mechanism in multi column report - paste objects to wrong column.
- Fixed image formats in HTML export (added PNG)
- Fixed bug with report slowdown when UseGlobalDataSetList = False
- Fixed macros processing inside table
- Fixed PostProcessing with ReprintOnNewPage

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