AQtime Standard 8.24 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8 EMB Edition

AQtime Standard 8.24 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8 EMB Edition
AQtime Standard 8.24 for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8 EMB Edition

Memory and Performance Profiling Tool for Mission Critical Code. AQtime Pro is the fastest way to detect memory leaks, performance bottlenecks, code coverage gaps and more across C, C++, Delphi, .NET, Java, and scripts. Digestible, actionable reports synthesize complex memory and performance information to simplify bug diagnosis workflows so developers can drill down to the root of the problem early in the software development lifecycle and get back to building high quality applications.

Performance Profiler
Bottlenecks hinder your application from functioning at peak performance and damages the user experience. AQTime Pro includes performance profiling reports that help you easily identify functions and call paths that are causing the greatest impact on your application performance.

Code Coverage Profiler
Lower code coverage increases the likelihood of application performance degradation. In addition, code coverage gaps mean there may be hidden bugs lurking in your code that you need to test for. AQTime Pro includes Coverage and Light Coverage profilers to help you trace untested code or find unnecessary routines and code lines that are never called.

Memory Leaks
Memory Leaks are elusive, they gradually destroy performance runtime and ultimately cause applications to crash. AQTime Pro’s Allocation Profiler shows your application’s memory and resource allocations in real time to help you detect excessive memory and resource usage finds memory leaks so applications can run at peak performance.

C/C++ Code Profiling
AQTime Pro improves quality of your C and C++ applications by finding performance bottlenecks, memory/resource leaks, and more.

.NET Profiling
AQTime Pro is also able to profile across managed code and frameworks such as .NET. AQtime Pro optimizes .NET application performance and memory usage, measure code coverage and trace exceptions.

Delphi Profiling
AQTime Pro provides top-to-bottom Delphi application analysis, including performance profiling, memory and resource profiling, code coverage, unused unit detection, code metrics, exception tracing and integration with RAD Studio.

Delphi Code Coverage
AQTime Pro provides Delphi code coverage analysis to track which functions and lines of code are executed during testing. Summary and detailed reports for module, source file, function and line coverage help understand how well your automated functional and unit tests cover the application’s code base.

Test Fault Detection and Recovery
Use AQTime Pro to see how your Delphi application handles low memory, access denied, locked files, missing registry keys, missing COM registrations and other issues. You can test your application’s fault tolerance easily, without setting up the faulty environment and conditions.

Find Unused Unit References
AQTime Pro lets you find unused units in your Delphi source code, so you can clean them up. Removing unused units helps speed up compilation, simplify code maintenance and remove project dependencies on thirdparty components that are no longer used.

Profile Applications in RAD Studio
AQTime Pro integrates into Embarcadero RAD Studio, allowing you to profile your Delphi applications directly in the IDE. You can navigate to source code from profiling reports and view line-level metrics in the RAD Studio code editor.

View Delphi Code Metrics
AQTime Pro includes Delphi code analysis to help you identify complex code that can be prone to errors. You can quickly find long methods with high cyclomatic complexity, many parameters and local variables.

Use Enhanced Exception Tracing
AQTime Pro traces exceptions that occur in Delphi applications during profiling to help you diagnose the cause of failures. The exception trace includes the complete exception call stack with function names, source file names and line numbers, so you can see where problem comes from.

RAD Studio Integration
AQTime Pro integrates with Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE7, XE8, and 10 as well as previous versions of the IDE going back to Borland Developer Studio 2006. With AQTime Pro, profiling in the IDE is as easy as running your application. All profiling features are available at hand via the IDE menus and toolbars, so you can get started quickly.

Know Exactly What to Optimize Within RAD Studio
AQTime Pro helps you pinpoint the exact functions and lines of code that cause performance issues and memory leaks in your applications. Quickly navigate from the profiling reports to the corresponding code in the RAD Studio editor. With timings, hit counts and other profiling metrics displayed next to the code lines in the editor, you can easily see what exactly needs optimization.

Keep Track of the Optimization Process
Profiling settings and results are stored in your RAD Studio project group for quick access and later reuse. You can compare previous profiling data with the latest results to understand the performance effects of recent code changes.

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