TsiLang 6.5.4 Full Source D4-XE7

TsiLang 6.5.4 Full Source D4-XE7
TsiLang 6.5.4 Full Source | 6 Mb

The problem of internationalization will sooner or later arise for all software companies and developers who intend to distribute their applications worldwide, and who wish to create localized versions for different foreign markets. If your development platform is Embarcadero Delphi®, C++Builder®, or RAD Studio, then TsiLang Components Suite brings you a powerful solution for multilingual localization of your software.

TsiLang® Components Suite will enable your programs to support as many languages (locales) as you want. It allows localization of all required elements of the user interface, provides flexible modes to store and manage translations, and switches UI language on-the-fly.

With full support for FireMonkey applications you can create completely multilingual applications for mobile and Mac devices and be in a row of leading developers who offer such functionality. Create and deploy multilanguage applications for mobile devices that can include all languages in a single build and change language on-fly when needed!

TsiLang® Components Suite includes a number of highly professional, easy-to-use VCL components, wizards and tools for building multi-language applications under Delphi and C++Builder.

On the one hand, our product dramatically simplifies the entire process of globalization, and on the other hand it allows you to provide your customers with quality, user-friendly applications that can switch from one locale to another on-the-fly. We would like to describe some of the features of TsiLang Components Suite that make the product unique:

Our suite enables you to localize everything that should be localized: string-type properties of components, "hard-coded" string constants, resource strings, system locale and standard dialog strings, as well as other properties that may affect the appearance of controls (for example, the size and position of labels may be changed for each language if required).
You can choose where to store the translation data: either internally (this is ideal for lightweight applications – a single EXE file, no DLLs, databases, etc) or externally in special files (this approach allows you to change translations without recompiling the project, so even your end-user may update the translations at run-time).
Such essential tools as TsiLang Expert and Resource Strings Wizard, which are included in the suite, help you to manage the translation process of you projects in a simple and convenient fashion. So, a large project might be prepared for globalization literally in a few minutes. The TsiLang Expert adds TsiLang components to the project's forms and data modules, adjusts their properties, and scans the project files for "hard-coded" strings. The Resource Strings Wizard allows you to extract and add to translation data the resource strings of your project even if they are hidden somewhere in a .dcu (.obj) file without the source code.
A specialized tool shipped with the suite, the SIL Editor, can be freely redistributed and allows you to separate the translation process from the project development.
The Dictionary Manager helps to store translations in dictionaries, and use them repeatedly in subsequent projects. This will dramatically reduce the costs and time for translations, since many projects contains a lot of similar terms and phrases. Also this tool serves as an automation server, so it's data can be easily loaded by the SIL Editor or TsiLang's property editors.
Supported IDEs: Delphi™ 6 and above; C++Builder™ 6 and above.

Switching languages on fly at run-time as well as at design-time
TsiLang will change the language of user interface in your applications immediately upon request. In order to test your new interface, you even don't need to run your applications, TsiLang allows you to preview the translated interface at design-time as well as at run-time.

No external files or databases to create multi-language applications
TsiLang allows you to build multilingual applications without any external files for supporting translations. You will have as many languages of your interface as you want, in a single EXE file. No DLLs, no databases, no other files required!

Full control over the language changing process
TsiLangDispatcher will help you to manage the language changing process in projects with many forms. You need just to link each TsiLang component to TsiLangDispatcher. Changing the active language of TsiLangDispatcher will cause the language to change in the whole application.

Full control over the project translation process at design time
TsiLang Expert, which is included in TsiLang Components Suite, will help you to manage the translation of your projects at design-time. It will help you to translate all hardcoded strings in your source, const section, and resourcestring section.

Building light and user self-translated multilingual applications
TsiLang allows you to build multilingual applications without including all translation information in an application EXE file for building light EXE files. You can choose to store all the translations in a separate SIL (textual) or SIB (binary) file and distribute it with your application. Then TsiLang will load all translation information from this file at run-time. TsiLangDispatcher can automatically load the translation for every form in the project during run-time. This further simplifies the process. Your end-users can edit translations stored in external files and even add new languages to obtain a convenient user interface without your assistance and without recompiling your application. The TsiLang Components Suite contains as a bonus SIL Editor - an absolutely free editor for SIL and SIB files, that you can provide your user for translating files without your assistance.

All properties translated!
TsiLang can translate all string properties of components, system locales and standard dialogs' captions and strings.
Extended TranslationsStarting with the version 5.1 TsiLang is able to switch virtually any property of any component, no matter is it a string type property or not. This feature is very useful for repositioning/re-sizing the controls when translating your application into a language with very long average word length, such as Dutch or German. It also allows any level of sub-components to be translated, such as TLabeledEdit.

All standard dialogs with multi-language support!
TsiLang Components Suite includes all standard dialogs (such as File Open/Save, Print, Select Font, Find/Replace etc.) that support the multi-language interface. Now you can display dialogs independent from the Windows language version, but only from your chosen interface language.


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