TMS IntraWeb Planner Full Source

TMS IntraWeb Planner Full Source
TMS IntraWeb Planner Full Source

Data-aware and non-data aware scheduling components for Intraweb applications.

Component for interactive scheduling web applications.

Horizontal & vertical oriented views
Items that can be resized / repositioned / moved by mouse dragging
Inplace multiline editable items
Items with caption time, text or no caption
Sidebar can be left, right, left & right or on top of Planner with indication of occupied time slots
Read-only items
Various display modes : day (5,6,10,15,30,60 min), week, month, day period, half day period, timeline, active days, disjunct days
Controllable active day start, active day end, day start, day end
Events for insert, delete, edit, size, move items
Overlapped / non overlapped items
12/24 hrs display
Internationalization capabilities
Layer support
Header with alignment, images, events
DB-aware and non DB-aware version
Extensive control of planner appearance
Popup editing

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