Artan Protector 1.8

Artan Protector 1.8
Artan Protector 1.8 | 54 Mb

Anti Cracking : When we say an application is cracked, it means that some data inside it have been modified so that the functionality of the program has changed. Usually is affects the executable code of the application. The Artan Protector encrypts and compresses the executable code and application data so that changing them without destroying the protection turns impossible.

Code Obfuscation (Virtualization) : Not only does the Virtual Machine technology protect the executable and protection codes, but also it makes the process of analysis far more complicated (next to impossible). The essence of the VM technology is that the executable code is removed from original place and simulated in an other process finally result of simulation will send to main application so Attacker never see what happened in protected code and can't access and modify simulated data.

Supports all native pe files (Visual Basic,Visual C++,Delphi,C++Builder,Qt)
Anti-debugger techniques that detect/fool any kind of debugger
Anti-memory dumpers techniques for any Ring3 and Ring0 dumpers
Different encryption algorithms and keys in each protected application
Anti-API scanners techniques
Import Table Protection via API Redirection
Anti-disassemble techniques for any disassembles
Multiple polymorphic layers
Metamorphic engine to scramble original instructions
Advanced Entry point protection (OEP Obfuscation)
Compression of target application, resources and protection code
Stolen Resource Protection (Convert resource data to unknown format and load it manually at run-time)
Anti-Virus Software "FALSE" Alarm Bypass

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