TMS FNC UI Pack v3.7.3.1 Full Source for RAD Studio XE7-RAD Studio 11 Alexandria

TMS FNC UI Pack v3.7.3.1 Full Source for RAD Studio XE7-RAD Studio 11 Alexandria
TMS FNC UI Pack v3.7.3.1 Full Source for RAD Studio XE7-RAD Studio 11 Alexandria

Powerful, feature-rich UI controls for 4 frameworks and 5+ operating systems.

Column Persistence
Fixed cell single and range selection
Autosizing columns / rows on double-click
Highly configurable and flexible grid
Various cell types available and built-in as well as support for custom cell types
Fixed columns left and/or right, fixed rows at top and/or bottom.
Column & row freezing
High performance virtual mode
Several selection modes: single & multi cell, column, row, distinct cell, row, column
Cells with support for HTML formatted text, hyperlinks
Editing with range of built-in editor types and capability of using custom cell inplace editors
Cell merging and splitting
Grouping support with summary rows, and group calculations such as average, sum, min, max, custom calculation...
Filtering with optional auto filtering via dropdown
Different cell layouts for different cell states
Read-only and/or fixed state per cell configurable
Single column sorting, indexed column sorting, grouped column & indexed column sorting
Pixel and cell scrolling modes
Keyboard and Mouse handling customization: tab, enter, insert, delete key handling
Column and row dragging and sizing
Cell controls such as checkbox, radiobutton, button, bitmap, progressbar etc...
Configurable touch scrolling optimized for iOS / Android
Clipboard support
HTML Export
PDF Export
Excel Import / Export via the TTMSFNCGridExcelIO
Find and replace functionality
Separate ToolBar Popup

Multi collapsible column support
Filtering and Sorting
Item autosizing
HTML formatted text support
Collapsible items
Database adapter
Drag & Drop support
Editing support
Fully customizable column & item appearance & custom Kanban board item drawing
Optional header & footer per column

Automatic retrieval of published properties of an object
Various inplace editors such as a combobox for enum values, or checkgroup dropdown picker for set properties.
Events for customization of properties and property values
Based on TTMSFNCTreeView
Datasource support for direct data editing

Based on a set of existing fully-featured FNC components
Office-inspired ribbon
Multiple pre-defined themes with custom theming capabilities
Optionally collapsible / floating pages
Shortcut hints
Extensible quick access toolbar
HTML caption
Auto-layout page toolbar with multiple toolbar controls
Designed for desktop use only (Windows (FMX, VCL, LCL), Mac (FMX) and Linux (LCL))
Separator TTMSFNCRibbonForm with system menu following form settings, such as Caption, BorderIcons, ...

Built-in and customizable inplace and dialog editing
Moveable and sizeable items with HTML formatted text and hyperlink detection
High performance virtual mode
Various display modes: day, month, day period, half day period, multi day, multi month, multi day resource, multi resource day and custom displays
Multiple events for all kinds of interactions such as editing, item inserting, updating, moving and sizing
Multiple events for custom drawing and customization of default drawing
Item hints and time indication helpers
Optional overlapping items
Touch scrolling and selection
Optimized for mobile devices
Recurrency support
Databinding support via the TTMSFNCPlannerDatabaseAdapter
Separate ToolBar Popup

Multi-line HTML formatted text
Various built-in column editors
Multi-column support
Fixed and variable node height
High performance virtual and collection-based modes
Multiple events for custom drawing and customization of default drawing
Multiple events for all kinds of interactions such as editing, expand / collapse and selection
Auto-sizing and stretching of columns
Mouse and keyboard interaction
Nodes with checkbox, radiobutton, image, disabled nodes
Nodes extending over multiple columns
Sorting, Filtering
Clipboard support
Keyboard lookup
Drag & Drop

Multiline tab with HTML formatted text
Optional rectangular or circular progress indication
Tab editing with custom editor support
Tab reordering
Significant amount of custom drawing events
Separate TTMSFNCPageControl which handles multiple pages
Ability to change position of tabs
Various modes including auto tab size, auto control size, fixed size and fixed auto shrink size.

An edit control with a dropdown TTMSFNCSearchList
Wile typing in the edit control, a search/filter is performed in the dropdown TTMSFNCSearchList

Supported SVG features, elements

TMS FNC Core supports SVG files and can import and render SVG. SVG support is limited to
Uncompressed SVG files in XML format
SVG supported elements:
defs (limited to predefined style, no gradients, no paths, only single fill/stroke parameters)
image (limited to base64 encoded string value)
pattern (no gradients, no paths, only single fill/stroke parameters)
Within the style element supported parameters are:
fill (no gradients)
stroke (no gradients)
Within the primitives (line, polygon, polyline, rect, path) supported parameters are:
fill (no gradients)
stroke (no gradients)
transform (scale, rotate, translate, matrix)

Appearance is fully customizable
Use different color levels
Set floating point minimum, maximum and value
Add minimum and maximum bitmaps

Improved : next line editing respects previous alignment in TTMSFNCRichEditor
Fixed : Issue with endless recalculation in Lazarus in TTMSFNCRichEditor
Fixed : Issue with InitSample in Lazarus in TTMSFNCRibbon and TTMSFNCPageControl
Fixed : Issue with AddItemAtSelection resource in TTMSFNCPlanner

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