Berg Soft Next Canvas v1.1.0 Retail

Berg Soft Next Canvas v1.1.0 Retail
Berg Soft Next Canvas v1.1.0 Retail

Next Canvas is an application that generates Delphi code while you draw on a screen - in real time and pixel perfect. It speeds up and eliminate tedious manual TCanvas coding. It will save you time drawing shapes for custom drawing events or for your custom shapes.

Main Features
Set TPen and TBrush color and style.
WYSWYG drawing of Delphi TCanvas code
Draw shapes such as Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Round Rectangle, Polyline/Poligon etc.

Easy to use vector application
Next Canvas works as any other vector application. You can transform your shapes, arrange them and configure their properties such as TBrush or TPen.
WYSWYG drawing to code
What you draw on the screen with mouse will be exactly translated to Delphi code.
On one button click you can generate your code and copy it to clipboard or save it into a new file.
Draw with a mouse or manualy enter values inside the Object Inspector.

New document (artboard) can be created by choosing File -> New from the main
menu, or by pressing CTRL + N shortcut.

In the following dialog the dimensions of the artboard can be set. Dimension can be
quickly set after selecting one of the presets, or by manually entering values.

By clicking on the Refresh button at the bottom of the window, a code will be
generated. The code can be then copied into Clipboard or saved as a file.

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