Chilkat Delphi DLL API

Chilkat Delphi DLL API
Chilkat Delphi DLL API | 9 Mb

Chilkat Delphi DLL API for Embarcadero® RAD Studio XE8, XE7, XE6, XE5, XE4, XE3, and XE2.

Scp: Added the Scp class (CkScp, Chilkat.Scp, CkoScp, etc.) for SSH Secure Copy. The Scp class is included as part of the SSH/SFTP license.
Hashtable: Added the Hashtable class (CkHashtable, Chilkat.Hashtable, CkoHashtable, etc.) This is a freeware supporting/utility class. Chilkat understands that more complete Hashtable implementations may be available in specific programming language environments. However, there are some environments with no good Hashtable functionality. In addition, having a Hashtable class allows for Chilkat to use it as input args and return values for future methods.
Http: Added the G_SvcOauthAccessToken2 method (which happens to have an argument of type Hashtable).
SFtp: mode 3 of the SyncRemoteDownload and SyncRemoteUpload methods was fixed.
HTTP proxy: Applies to any Chilkat class with HTTP proxy capabilities: Fixed issues related to using HTTP proxes for non-HTTP protocols where SSL/TLS is not used.
SSL/TLS: 128-bit ARC4 is re-enabled by default. Too many sites required it and disabling the algorithm caused too many failures resulting in support issues. The SslAllowedCiphers property can be used to disallow 128-bit ARC4 if needed.
FTP2: The control/command connection is maintained (if possible) when an upload or download is aborted. Previously, a file transfer aborted by an application event callback caused the command connection to also be aborted.
CSV: Fixed problems relating to empty cells, such as when setting the 1st column in a new row to an empty string.
Socket: The Connect method’s maxWaitMs argument was being ignored and the method would always wait a max of 30 seconds. This was fixed.
SFtp/Ftp2: Added the SyncedFiles property to allow applications to get a list of files that were transferred during the last directory synchronization method call.
TCP related: Fixed a case internally where creating a socket resulted in this error: SocketError: WSAEPROTOTYPE The specified protocol is the wrong type for this socket.
Ftp2: Fixed the AsyncAbort method.

Chilkat Upload is a freeware component that can be used to upload files over HTTP and HTTPS to a web server.

Supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
Progress monitoring with percentage completion and "heartbeat" monitoring.
Abort capability.
Asynchronous uploads with real-time monitoring of percentage completion and number of bytes transferred.
Add arbitrary HTTP POST form parameters to your upload.
Upload multiple files in a single transaction.
Add arbitrary (custom) HTTP header fields to the HTTP upload.
Retrieve the HTTP response status, header, and body returned by the web server.

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