RavenDB Enterprise v4.2.1

RavenDB Enterprise v4.2.1
RavenDB Enterprise v4.2.1

Achieve 100,000 writes per second, and over one million reads on commodity hardware. We developed Voron, our own custom-made storage engine tailored just to soup up RavenDB’s performance. Our GUI makes the RavenDB user experience enjoyable for developers and non-developers alike. It’s part of any license, including your free community version.

Fully Transactional
RavenDB is the first non-relational database to achieve ACID across the entire database. Maintain the best of SQL while boosting your capacity to the next level.

Multi-Model Architecture
Married to your legacy SQL solution? RavenDB works well with relational databases, giving you the opportunity to add a NoSQL layer to your existing architecture without any disruptions.

RavenDB runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Windows Tablet, and Raspberry Pi platforms.

High Availability
Break free of the single server bottleneck. Set up a distributed data cluster in minutes. Replicate your database in real time so you can be everywhere at once, and always available to your users.

Ease of Use
RavenDB is easy to install, simple to secure, and quick to learn. Our query language is 85% SQL. Using our training resources, you can become an expert in a few days.

Designed with Care
Spend more time coding, and less time on the phone with support. We exposed a lot of internals in approachable way to help you self-solve problems and reduce overhead. When you do need help, our support engineers are the best in the business.

4.2.1 (42010) - 2019/06/27

[Backup] Support for Google Buckets as backup target
[Backup] Added option to define a backup operation across all databases
[Certificates] Export certificate will work for Operators
[Compare Exchange] Added ability to store null as compare exchange value
[Compare Exchange] Fixed import of compare exchange values when importing from 4.1 .ravendump file
[Cluster] Stability improvements
[Counters] Improved import performance and possible memory leaks during the process
[CSV] Fixed missing Raven-Clr-Type in Export/Import CSV
[Debugging] Added /cluster/topology to the debug package info
[Debugging] Capturing stack traces on Linux
[Encryption] Improved memory usage by background operations in encrypted databases]]
[ETL] Added ETL.MaxBatchSizeInMb option to limit batch size by amount of sent data (default: 64MB)
[Indexing] Fixed cleanup on idle index
[Indexing] Recreating index writer on EarlyOutOfMemoryException
[Indexing] Added support for Aggregate, Join, GroupJoin, LongCount, ThenBy, ThenByDescending, TakeWhile, SkipWhile in the index definition
[Indexing] Ignoring ObjectDisposedException on index deletion and not reporting it to the Studio
[Indexing] Added configuration option Indexing.Encrypted.TransactionSizeLimitInMb (default: 64MB)
[Indexing] Better handling of methods in additional sources
[Logging] Added Logs.Compress option to compress log files (default: false)
[Logging] Added Logs.RetentionSizeInMb option to control logs retention based on size (default: disabled)
[Patching] Fixed memory leak
[Patching] Patch will preserve the order of properties
[Querying] Added support for sorting by Id as a alphanumeric value
[Replication] Fixed conflict creation of HiLo documents
[Replication] Fixed NRE when replicating HiLO document tombstone
[Replication] Added Replication.RetryMaxTimeoutInSec allowing to retry on replication failure (default: 300 sec)
[Subscriptions] Fixed possible endless loop when testing a subscription
[Subscriptions] Fixed include usage in subscriptions test
[Subscriptions] After restore from export file subscriptions will have different internal identifier
[Suggestions] Fixed index writer recreation after indexing batch
[Setup Wizard] Fixed port issue when setting up cluster
[SNMP] Added SNMP alert for CPU credits
[Voron] Fixed error handling in async transactions
[Voron] Recognize SMB2 shares as not valid for dir sync
Fixed possible race condition during server initialization when using HTTPS
Fixed RavenDB 4.2 incompatibility on Windows 7
Enhanced performance handling on burstable instances by scaling down background operations
Fixed potential server update problem if libsodium or librvnpal libraries were updated

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