DBeaver 6.0.0 Enterprise Edition

DBeaver 6.0.0 Enterprise Edition
DBeaver 6.0.0 Enterprise Edition

Connection to various datasources
Choice of database driver from the variety of supported types. The list of drivers includes drivers for relational, document oriented, key value, time-series and other databases.
Support of user-defined connection types and creation of custom drivers an the Driver Manager
Configuration of standard (host, port, user credentials) as well as advanced connection properties:
SSH tunnel
SOCKS proxy
Shell commands to be executed before/after actual database connection
Bootstrap SQL queries executing in the database session immediately after connecting

NoSQL / BigData databases
DBeaver Enterprise has special extensions for:

Amazon DynamoDB
Google Bigtable
Apache Cassandra
Apache Hive
All these databases have SQL interface and you can work with them as with good old relational databases.

And this is not some kind of JDBC driver abstraction – DBeaver EE supports all native data types and databases structure explorer for these databases.

DBeaver EE comes with all existing extensions, you don’t need to install anything else. This includes:
Office formats support
Vector graphics support
SQL debugging framework
Advanced SSH algorithms
Most of popular database drivers are included in distribution
A number of Eclipse extensions are included for advanced security and easy installation of 3rd party extension using Eclipse Marketplace

Advanced Security
Keep your databases passwords in secured storage protected by master password or use native OS password encrypted storage
Use BouncyCastle advanced security algorithms to connect over SSH or SSL

Data viewer and editor
Multiple data views to fit the variety of users’ needs, for example display of image contents (gif, png, jpeg, bmp) as an images
Editing of data inline and in a dedicated space
Convenient navigation among data
Custom filters for table contents or query results, including filters based on cell values
Results ordering by column
Data export with all applied filters and orderings
Generation of SQL statements based on selected rows
Basic statistics for selected columns

Advanced Mock-Data
In DBeaver you can generate random data (or “mock" data) for tables. And this data should look like the real data.

While Community edition provides just basic data generators, Enterprise edition supports much many more additional generators and configuration. Including:

Credit cards
Domains and IP addresses
Custom regular expressions
Flexible numeric generators

SQL editor
Organization of scripts into folders and reassignment of database connections for particular scripts
SQL syntax highlighting determined by the database associated with a script
Support for different sets of reserved keywords and system functions for different databases
Import and export of scripts

Visual Query Builder
You may construct complex SQL queries without actual knowledge of SQL
Make table joins/filtering/ordering visually
Open you existing SQL queries in visual mode, edit and save them – that’s easy
Execute your visually constructed query at any moment and get results on the screen
Analyze complex SQL queries visually

Metadata browser
A tree of database connections with their metadata structures down to the lowest level: tables, views, columns, indexes, procedures, triggers, storage entities (tablespaces, partitions), and security entities (users, roles)
Ability to modify most metadata entities, depending on the database driver capabilities
Display of database objects` DDL and generation of standard SQL92 DDL according to object structure for some databases
Ability to edit/rename/delete connections and most database objects
Global and local filters, ability to filter database objects by name

Data transfer
Export of data to a file or to another database table with the option to create the destination table if it does not exist
Supported file formats: CSV, HTML, XML, JSON, XLS, XLSX

ER diagrams
Automatically generated ER diagrams for a database/schema (with all tables) or for a single table (with all referenced/referencing tables)
Customization of columns visibility
Export of diagrams to the formats: GIF, PNG, BMP, GraphML

Data and metadata search
Full-text data search against all chosen tables/views with search results shown as filtered tables/views
Metadata search among rows in database system tables
Ability to set an exact object name or a search mask

Database structure comparing
Ability to compare several database objects of any type: tables, schemas, entire databases, etc
Comparison results presented in HTML reports

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